Emily Capuria

I am a coach for those of you who are ready to heal your life so you can be, do and have whatever you truly want with confidence and courage. Through inspirational and easy to implement tips in blog posts and light hearted, yet deeply transformational coaching programs I am here to show you how to live a life you truly love and make every step feel like a dream come true. And when I'm not off helping people turn dreams into reality, you can find me indulging in a little rom com, an afternoon nap and the occasional Shoreway sundae. Get ready to look and feel totally fabulous at balancethrive.com

No Procrastination: A Master Class

For me procrastination stems from my desire to make things perfect and to please everyone. That’s a pretty lofty expectation I have for myself and procrastination protects me from the letdown of things being imperfect and not everyone liking, loving or accepting what I do. It becomes this big messy ball of enormous pressure. So I freeze, feel overwhelmed and do anything other than the thing I know I need to do.

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