Dermot Farrell

Over the past twenty years I have studied Traditional Chinese Medicine, psychoanalytic psychotherapy, and meditation, and in the process I have learned a lot about physical, mental and spiritual well being. I have learned about what creates imbalances and how we may go about restoring the balance, which is required, in order to feel healthy, happy and at peace with ourselves. My methodology is simple and practical and is aimed at helping you to tackle your health issues, in a constructive manner, which can be easily integrated into your present lifestyle. Too many health giving life options require endless sacrifice and discipline. it is my belief that we can and should become healthy, happy and be at peace with ourselves while living a normal life.

Go High On Ginger: A Herbal Superfood And Energy Booster

Rich in sesquiterpenes, this antiviral superfood protects against rhinovirus, helps better food absorption by aiding predigestion, reduces high BP and fasting sugar levels and lowers cholesterol. It also prevents and treats morning sickness in pregnant women. An anti-inflammatory food, it allays osteoarthritic and menstrual pain and inhibits production of enzymes that cause dementia. Eat 1 gm ginger daily.

6 Superfoods Readily Available In Your Kitchen

You don't need to go out of your way to plan a nutrient-rich diet. All you need are some superfoods, you can normally find stocked in your kitchen. Garlic, ginger, honey, lemons, tomatoes, and onions can speed up recovery process and help maintain overall health. They fight cancer-causing free radicals, stabilize blood pressure and cholesterol, reduce inflammation and boost immunity.

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