Dr. Deanna Minich

Dr. Deanna Minich is an internationally-known nutritionist and author with more than twenty years of experience in nutrition, wellness, and healing. Her unique approach to nutrition is derived from a combination of her study in biological and medical science together with ancient medical and spiritual practices. She has had the privilege of being trained in functional medicine by the “father of functional medicine” – Dr. Jeffrey Bland – for over a decade.

9 Steps To Change A Habit For Good

Your thoughts can influence your physical health! Here is a motivation prescription for you to change your thoughts for good.

5 Tips To Get Your Brain Cells Buzzing Again

To have the brain working at its best, stick to a diet of fish, fruits, nuts, and high-fiber legumes. They stabilize blood sugar and prevent brain decline. Eat blueberries to enhance the brain's neuroplasticity. Include turmeric in your diet, for its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant curcumin, helps keep dementia away. Indulge in aerobics and meditate to improve your mood and reduce inflammation.

9 Surprising Ways Food And Mood Are Related

Yes, your food can shift your mood. While fast food increases your risk for depression, a Mediterranean diet of fruit, veggies, legumes, fish, and olive oil decreases it. Not just bad mood but also good mood, neuroticism, and boredom cause overeating. Snack on fruits, not on chocolates. Sleep early, wake up early, shun pessimism, and chew slowly to eat less while enjoying your food.

3 Essential Tips To Help You Detox Your Body And Mind

Eat adequate fiber to unclog your intestines. Deep breathing moves diaphragm down gently, massaging intestines and creating space in the gut area, allowing waste to move freely. Tears help the body release inflammatory cytokines. Facilitate the processing of toxins through your liver by ingesting high-quality proteins and venting out your anger.

List Of Healthy White Foods And A Great Soup Recipe

Despite their colour, certain white foods like garlic, cauliflower, onion, coconut products, turnips and parsnips are healthy because of their high phytonutrient content. Cook them appropriately to maximize their health benefits, including antioxidant, anti-microbial, anti-viral and detoxification properties. Try out different, easy white-food recipes for a natural detox!

Nourish Your Body And Soul: Eating For Your Chakra Type.

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Love: Food for the Heart Chakra.

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Photonic Nutrition: In-lightened Eating in the 21st Century.

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