David Mandell

I am passionate about men's sexual health and my goal is to get more men talking about the subject. Generally speaking, men get all of the drugs and none of the therapy, while women get all of the therapy and none of the drugs. For men, there are so few resources, and very few people to talk to. I believe this is an incredibly important topic and one that needs greater national discussion. My goal is to get more men connected to their sexual health through exercise - - that is why we created The Private Gym for Men.

Tips For Recovery After Prostate Cancer Surgery

Pelvic floor muscle training hastens the recovery of urinary control and erectile function. To avoid potential side effects of radical prostatectomy, commit to a program of Kegel pelvic floor exercises both before and after the prostate surgery. Pelvic floor muscle training program must be designed around muscle education, biofeedback, progressive intensity and resistance.

10 Must-Do Things To Maintain Male Sexual Health

We ask a lot of the penis but rarely spend time caring for its well-being. Maintain a healthy weight by eating wholesome, natural foods and sleeping enough. Reduce stress to lower cortisol and adrenaline levels, which hinder erections. Practice pelvic floor exercises like kegels to help with erectile dysfunction. Avoid tobacco and alcohol, both of which affect your blood flow. Have a healthy relationship with your partner and opt for an active sex life.

Why Do Men Know So Little About The Organ They Love?

Through childhood we don't talk about the penis, until in high school when we are told about its basic functionality. This leaves erectile dysfunction, dribbling and premature ejaculation in the dark. Do some research, meet a doctor if you feel abnormal in that department, discuss your problems with people and take appropriate action rather than shying away.

Prevent Premature Ejaculation With Pelvic Muscles

Do kegel exercises on a regular basis as the stronger the pelvic muscles, the better the chance of controlling your ejaculation. Strengthen your pelvic muscles and bring them under your control. During intercourse, being able to contract your pelvic muscles 10 times will help you reign in the urge to ejaculate sooner than you want.

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