Daniel Lopez

I practice and try to live the philosophy of osteopathy. Osteopathy operates under the philosophy that the human body is equipped with everything it needs to maintain health. It needs to have all parts in working order so that there is good blood flow to and from every cell. My life is about finding health.

Are Your Shoes Weakening Your Leg Arches?

Your toes need to be able to bend and your arches need to be able to compress and expand like a spring. The arches are not meant to be immobilized. Instead of being used as dynamic structures, feet are asked to mold around the shape of the shoe they are, which immobilizes the feet. Eventually they can become weak and lose structure.

Trapezius Knots? Check The AC Joints For A Solution!

Evaluate the trapezius by grabbing onto it between your neck and shoulders and giving it a squeeze. Find your collar bone and trace it outward until you feel the end of it. There may be a divot there or a bump. That is your AC joint. Grip your collarbone as close to the AC joint with your thumb and index finger and slowly wiggle it back and forth.

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