Daniel Haun

I am an acupuncturist in Oceanside, CA where my mission is to help the patients regain and maintain emotional, physical, and spiritual balance. My specialties are pain and stress management for all ages.

Exercise Is Important For Good Thyroid Health

Stress may exacerbate an underlying thyroid condition, interrupting the normal rate at which thyroid hormones are produced and released. Put exercise on your to-do list. A daily routine of walking, swimming, gentle yoga, tai chi, or meditation can help manage stress, stabilize your weight, metabolism, and energy levels, thus restoring your thyroid health.

Must-Have Foods That Prevent Cancer

Scan for anti-cancer foods at the grocery store. Pick up cruciferous veggies (broccoli, cabbage, bok choy) that have ample anti-cancer phytochemicals. Include foods rich in carotenoids (carrots and canataloupes), ellagic acid (strawberries, pomegranates), and resveratrol (red grapes, cocoa, peanuts) that negate free radicals. Fiber-rich whole grains and folate-rich foods curb tumor growth, too.

Role Of Oriental Medicine In Relieving Asthma Symptoms

The key to relieving asthma is to do whatever you can to ensure unblocked bronchi. This includes prevention of mold growth where you live, regulated warmer temperatures, and curtailed smoking habits. Cover your nose and mouth when exposed to cold air. Keep your home dust-dander-pollutants-moisture free. Consume warm soups, lean meat, and herbs. Maintain a healthy weight.

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