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Daisy Grace, who is a US native and a professional women’s health expert. She is passionate about health, fitness and beauty and skin care and has been working as a freelance content writer for many online websites. She loves to write about different issues related to women’s physical as well as health conditions. Recently, she is being researching on beauty and skin care problems.

Summer Style Guide For The Working Woman

“Easy breezy and protected” should be your mantra. Opt for semi-covered sandals that don't flap. Drape yourself in lightweight knee-length summer dresses. Shield yourself from the harsh sun with a good sunblock. Keep off junk food and eat healthy. Don't use perfumes, it isn't pleasant mixed with sweat. Apply silicone-based products and creamy foundations for makeup.

Menopause Increases Risk Of Heart Diseases In Women

During menopause, women experience a decline in levels of the natural estrogen hormone, which is one of the leading risk factors for heart disease. Moreover, during menopause, blood pressure and LDL cholesterol or “bad” cholesterol also increase while HDL or “good” cholesterol remains stagnant, contributing to heart disease risk.

14 June Is World Blood Donor Day

World Blood Honor day is celebrated on 14th June. It is supported by four agencies across the globe namely: Red Cross, World Health Organization, World crescent societies and international federation of Red Cross.This year’s theme is ‘Thank you for saving my life’. The purpose is creating awareness and educating the world on the importance of human life.

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