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Relationship Between Dementia And Alzheimer’s Disease

While there are similarities that both conditions are progressive, affect brain function and worsen over time, the only difference is that dementia is not a disease. The first stage of Alzheimer's begins years before the onset of dementia and can be confused with routine aging. Dementia sets in at the advanced stage of Alzheimer's and patients need memory care.

Care For The Caring – Making Friends With Your Caregiver

You can spend time with your caregiver with leisure games like card, dominoes or chess that help create a bonding moment between you & your caregiver. Sharing memories also helps a lot as you can measure the closeness of your relationship with the stories he or she tells. Poke fun at yourself can lift up your caregiver's spirits as well as your own.

Finding In-Home Hospice Care: What You Need To Know

Firstly, get your primary doctor to create a care plan. Include your loved one in the process. While choosing your hospice provider, make sure they are Medicare certified. Narrow down the needs of your loved one. It is important to note that your options may be limited to an agreement that the your hospice provider has in place with special hospital and centers.

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