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Christine Merritt is dedicated to empowering women to heal their digestion and their spirit and create a life of financial and time freedom. She teaches her clients to harness the power of real food and God’s abundant gifts to create harmony within their body and soul. She teaches her team to empower other women to grow personally while learning how to manifest a rich and abundant life.

17 Essential Oils And An Essential Oil Recipe For Beautiful Skin

Fill a glass container upto 1/4 capacity with equal amounts of dead sea salt, epsom salt, green tea leaves, food-grade diatomaceous earth or Atlantic kelp and baking soda. Fill the rest of the container with extra virgin olive oil and add 10-20 drops of lavender essential oil. While the mix is ready for use, allowing it to sit for a couple of hours enhances its potency.

Autoimmunity Is Not A Diagnosis But An Indicator

There is a strong connection between our emotions, gut and health. Food is the most important factor in disease of any kind. Eat to nourish your body and soul. Auto immunity is not about our body's defence mechanism being our enemy but an indicator of larger issues in our system. Create and trust your own healing system and be patient with the results.

7 Ways To Live In The Present Moment

Watch a child play and recreate as you learn to enjoy the moment from them, listen to your favorite music and sing along concentrating on the harmony. Engage in meaningful conversations with loved ones, practice yoga concentrating on your breath. Put the past behind you, enjoy nature and engage yourself with food, bless it and enjoy it.

5 Natural Ways To Boost Your Kid’s Immunity This Winter

Probiotics help keep gut balanced with healthy flora, which strengthens your kid's immune system. Vitamin D increases immune function by a factor of 3-5, and is better than vaccine. Move your kid to a whole foods diet. Other ways to keep your kid's immune system healthy are by using essential oils, limiting screen time and reducing use of chemicals at home.

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