Christina Santini

Sick and tired of being sick and tired? Every one is biochemical unique and that is why no diet fits all. I work with you to target the cause of your symptoms via targeted nutrition therapy, biochemical testing and plant medicine. With over 10+ years experience working at top anti-aging clinics, private hospitals in Europe, New York and Los Angeles, I integrate science-based nutrition strategies with time-tested alternative wisdom. Christina Santini offers mind-body medical consultations integrating Eastern Plant medicine with Western biochemistry science.

How To Combat Urinary Tract Infection Without Medication

Cranberry contains antioxidants that defer the UTI causing bacteria from attaching to the bladder. Consume 8 oz cranberry juice in the morning or through the day. Bearberry is a diuretic herb that has antibiotic and astringent properties that cleanse the entire urinary tract. Take under guided supervision and avoid consuming both together to avoid allergic reactions.

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