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Charles T. “Chad” Price, MD is Professor of Florida State University College of Medicine and was a practicing pediatric orthopedic surgeon for 34 years. Dr. Price is rated as One of America's Top Doctors. He received a B.S degree from Emory University in Atlanta where he was inducted into the Phi Beta Kappa honorary scholastic society. He graduated from Baylor College of Medicine in Houston and completed his orthopedic surgery residency at the University of Florida. He is an author of over 70 scientific papers, 20 textbook chapters, and three books on topics including bone lengthening, fracture healing, artificial bone grafting and other research topics. In 2013 he became certified as a Sports Nutritionist by the American Sports and Fitness Association.

Osteoporosis And Spinal Fractures

Spinal fractures due to osteoporosis are on the rise. Here are some measures to strengthen the weakened bones, thus making your spine more supple and flexible.

Adverse Effects Of Long-Term And Excessive Supplement Intake

Some multivitamins contain substantially higher vitamins and minerals than prescribed tolerable levels. Also some are cheaper to process into a pill than others, leading to excess consumption. Excess vit A may cause nausea and blurred vision; excess vit D may cause impaired muscle and brain function; excess zinc may cause cramping and diarrhea. Choose supplements based on your specific needs.

Stop Popping These Seemingly “Safe” Over-The-Counter Pills

Stop Popping These Seemingly "Safe" Over-The-Counter Pills

On Allergy-Free Diet, Add Supplements For Good Bone Health

Vegan, vegetarian, and alkaline diets deny us of the recommended dose of nutrients that are needed for healthy bones. The lactose intolerant should supplement with calcium, vit D, and magnesium. Vegans should add vegan nutritional yeast (vit B12), soy beans (proteins), citrus fruits (vit C), kale and leafy greens (vit K) in their diet. Gluten-free diets need external silicon and magnesium.

11 Must Have Foods In Your Bone Strengthening Diet

Calcium helps support your bones and teeth structure, while vitamin D improves calcium absorption and bone growth. Eat foods like yogurt, milk, cheese, sardines, eggs, salmon, spinach, fortified cereal, tuna, collard green and orange juice. Also prunes and raisins provide boron and other nutrients that are insufficient in today’s diet, needed for strong bones.

Dealing With Depression: Best Lifestyle And Medication

Depression is like a severe and prolonged state of stress on bones making osteoporosis more likely. It causes the brain to produce dangerously high levels of hormones that aid bone loss. Studies show that older people with depression have low bone mass indicating osteoporosis. Medications for depression can also increase osteoporosis risk, so opt for a natural cure.

Fragility Fracture Could Be A Sign Of Osteoporosis

According to experts, people suffering from fragility fracture may be at risk for osteoporosis. It is medically referred to as broken bone that’s caused by a fall. Doctors say that a healthy person can normally sustain a fall from standing and not have a fracture of any type. So any fracture indicates an underlying bone disorder, like osteoporosis or osteopenia.

Bash Your Bones For Better Bone Health

Bones respond to stress and building bones is similar to building muscles. You need to push yourself a little to increase bone strength. While most exercises are good, the best exercises include jumping, weight lifting, dancing, tennis or exercises that will keep your feet on the ground. Heel drop exercise has proven to increase bone density effectively.

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