Carol Stall

I started studying yoga in 1973, practicing hatha yoga in 1975, and teaching part time in 1980. Since 1990, I've offered yoga group and corporate classes, private lessons, and workshops, as well as holistic healing consultations in the Dallas, TX area. Since 2003, as owner of Namaste' USA Yoga, RYS, I've provided 200 and 500 hour yoga teacher training certifications. Through classes, workshops, satsangs, and teacher training, students learn to reconnect with their own inner wisdom and creativity. Exploration and internal inquiry encourage the development of a self-referent yoga practice. Students learn to sustain stability and ease in both yoga practice and daily life. Through creative movement and moments of stillness, a yoga journey unique to each individual unfolds. Namaste'

Why Breath Awareness Is Crucial During Yoga?

Without breath awareness there is no Yoga. In practicing asanas without integrating breath into the movement and pauses, we lose the vital bridge that links the mind and body. By training ourselves to pay attention to the breath as we experience breathing, we can make asana a living expression that becomes both a transmitter and receiver of vital information.

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