Carla Zaplana

As a nutrition enthusiast, I love cooking and trying new dishes, experiencing the different flavors of the world. Practicing yoga and traveling are my other great passions. I was born and raised in the beautiful Costa Brava, north of Barcelona, ​​enjoying and nourishing myself with the natural products of the Mediterranean. And today I continue to grow, and learn the benefits and energy of the food that "Mother Earth" brings us, yes, away from home, from Las Vegas, along the red mountains of the Nevada desert after having lived in different states of USA (Massachusetts, California, and North Carolina).

5 Super Tips For Emotional Balance When Seasons Change

Get Vit D: Go for a walk, keep the curtains or blinds open. Get moving: Physical exercise stimulates serotonin (the happy hormone). Get proper sleep: Conscious breathing or meditation can help. Have a balanced diet: Eat seasonal foods such as squash, pomegranate. Drink Green Juice: Add bee pollen or maca to your morning juice, to increase your dose of vitality.

Cure Yourself Of IBS The Natural Way

Eliminate harmful bacteria and other parasites in your gut and repopulate your gut flora with probiotics, such as kimchi, Kombucha and sauerkraut. These facilitate digestion during the gut healing process. Maintain an anti-inflammatory diet, eat foods rich in vitamin A and practice relaxation exercises like yoga and Tai-Chi.

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