Bill Ross

I am a certified NASM Master Trainer in Colorado and a Holistic Life Coach. I am a featured Fitness Expert on the Jennifer Chase radio show. I know what it means to train for achievable results. I specialize in getting results by overcoming the obstacles YOU have developed over the years. I use my knowledge of fitness and holistic living to design custom plans with achievable results every time. When I am not coaching my clients I enjoy spending time with my wife and dog enjoying everything Colorado has to offer. I have been training clients for over 20 years now and still love it today!​

10 Workout Tips For Middle-Aged Men

Look good and feel great seems to be the mantra for modern middle-age men. Let's find out the way in which one needs to workout in order to get there.

Benefits Of Interval Training For Optimal Heart Rate And Weight Loss

Every individual has an optimal heart rate range where the body burns fat and builds muscle fiber efficiently. Interval training, which raises and lowers the heart rate during a workout, helps improve the body's aerobic and anaerobic performance. An exercise metabolic test is essential to create a personalized cardio training plan that will help you reach your optimal heart rate goals faster.

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