Anusha Bhat


Why The Bump On Your Wrist Needs Your Attention

We may not notice a small bump on the wrist. Indeed, as long as it is a painless outgrowth, we may never seek medical attention for it. A wrist bump can happen because of stress on the arm, a tumor or even tuberculosis. While most bumps are unassuming and disappear on their own over time, other may pain, or grow rapidly, at which point medical intervention is needed. You can opt for treatment depending on whether or not the bump is benign..

9 Warning Signs Of Cancer In Cats

As cats get older, they’re more likely to develop cancer. Treatment is more successful if it’s caught early, which is where you come in. Pay attention to poor appetite, weight loss, excessive drooling, and bad breath. She might have cancer of the mouth or intestines. Fatigue and inactivity are also red flags. Cats like to groom themselves, but if they stop, something is wrong. Check her body every week for strange lumps and bumps.

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