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Top nutritionist, visionary health expert and bestselling author, Ann Louise Gittleman, PhD, CNS, has always been a trendsetter. Continually breaking new ground in traditional and holistic health, she is internationally recognized as a pioneer in dietary, environmental, and women's health issues and is known as "The First Lady of Nutrition" among her millions of followers worldwide.

Why Balancing Your Calcium Intake Is Vital

Excess calcium can make your bones more brittle, not less! It can end up in the blood vessels, kidneys and joints, and can cause rapid heartbeat, high BP, tissue calcification, joint stiffness and weight gain. Best to get your calcium intake from food - organic full-fat dairy, broccoli, chia seeds and spinach. Make sure to up your magnesium intake, especially if you are taking calcium supplements.

Healthy Crackers And Chips To Add A Crunch To Your Spring Diet

Flaxseed Crackers: Mix 1 cup cold milled flax seeds, ½ cup vegetable broth, and 4 tsp all-purpose seasoning. Stir till seeds stick together. Spoon on to a lined cookie sheet, cover with wax paper, and roll to flatten. Remove wax paper. Bake for 1.5 hrs until crackers crack apart easily. Jicama sticks: Peel 1 med. jicama and mix lime juice. Add 1 tsp cayenne, paprika, or chili powder.

CLA: A Lightning Fast Way To Melt Deep Visceral Fat

Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) helps reduce body fat - especially visceral fat - while simultaneously retaining lean muscle mass. CLA also modulates the immune response, protects against heart disease, inhibits growth of various cancers, and helps prevent bone loss. CLA can be obtained from grass-fed full-fat dairy foods, organic beef/ lamb and conjugated safflower/ sunflower oil supplements.

Cranberry Isn’t Just For Detox And Weight Loss

Cranberries are rich in Vit A, B1, B2, and its proanthocyanidins remove blockages in the lymphatic system. This aids in the regular drainage of fat, fluid and toxins from your tissues. This reduces cellulite and water weight. Its abundant antioxidants help the liver in the detox process. Mix 1oz 100% unsweetend cranberry juice with 7oz water for a great cran-water drink.

4 Super Foods To Boost Detoxing Power Of Your Liver

Nutrient and mineral-rich dandelion roots help nourish the good bacteria in the gut and lower blood sugar. Swap it for coffee. Beetroots are full of betaine. It protects the liver from alcohol damage, thins the bile and is a rich dietary source of nitric oxide and antioxidants. Add to your salad. Flaxseeds provide fiber that helps flush out toxins. Good for postmenopausal women. Burdock root helps metabolize built up fats and old cholesterol deposits. Use in slaw!

GLA – Healthy Fat For Treating Hormonal Imbalances And For Glowing Skin

Gamma linolenic acid (GLA) is good news for women. Adding GLA to your diet can help ease hormone-related symptoms like water retention, breast tenderness, cramps, and irritability. Its anti-inflammatory properties help renew the skin. It boosts immunity, reduces cholesterol, and relieves arthritis. It activates brown fat that burns calories and keeps you on the leaner side.

Try Elimination Diet For Drugless Healing Of ADHD

Eliminate foods with artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners, and fragrances as they trigger hyperactivity. Avoid these labels: food coloring, Blue 1, Red 3, flavoring, BHA, BHT. Avoid foods containing natural salicyclates. After 4-6 weeks, reintroduce these one at a time. Observe which foods heighten symptoms and avoid them. Foods with artificial additives must never be eaten.

Foods That Boost Bile Levels In Your Liver For Effective Detox

Bile is the liver's detox tool and helps in fat absorption and toxin removal. Without it, your body can't absorb fat-soluble vitamins. Its deficiency can cause weight gain, hot flashes, night sweats, migraines, depression and cysts. Boost bile production and thin it by ingesting these 6 nutrients: choline, taurine, beetroot, pancreatic lipase, ox bile, and collinsonia root.

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