Ana Chassot

I believe in taking responsibility of your own health. Throughout the years I became an E-500 Yoga teacher with the Yoga Alliance and became fascinated with the study of Ayurveda. I completed the Ayurveda college in the United States, studied in Kerala, India and finally incorporated a lifestyle that unites both. I am a forever student and love to share what I learn. I teach private and group yoga classes and do Ayurveda consultations as well.

Ayurveda And Yoga Can Prevent Liver Disease

Pacifying the body's Pitta energy can prevent liver diseases. Avoid spicy, salty and fermented foods. Avoid hot yoga or exercising when it’s hot. Ardha masyendrasana/ Bhujanghasana are poses that can help pacify pitta. Detox your liver with herbs like Bhumiamalaki, Kutki and indulge in sweet, bitter and cooling foods like coconut water, carrots and aloe vera.

Missed Spring Cleanse? Here’s How You Can Still Do A Detox

In the teachings of Ayurveda, the best time of the year to do a detoxification program or Panchakarma is during springtime. The cold, heavy, sticky and dull qualities of winter along the humidity of spring can enhance or aggravate the kapha energy in the body. It is during the spring that the body feels the need to detox or expel that entire surplus. And yes, even at the end of springtime there is still time to detox and say hello to the 'Pitta' aggravating summer that completes the cycle

Arjuna – The Ayurvedic Wonder For A Healthy Heart

The bark of an ancient tree can help to improve coronary health and bring more love to your heart. According to researchers, the Arjuna tree,...

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