Allison Nichols

Allison Nichols is a Board Certified Holistic Health and Nutrition Counselor and owner of Frisky Lemon Nutrition. She specializes in working with chronically unsuccessful dieters to transition to a whole food diet or Paleo Lifestyle in order to free themselves from their preoccupations with food so that they can lose weight and build a balanced, healthy lifestyle without feeling deprived.

Fancy Salad In 5 Easy Steps: Plate Up!

Add color, texture, and nutrients to your salad with red cabbages, sprouts, beets, avocados, carrots, peppers, kale, leafy greens, etc. Dice and store veggies in advance and use pre-washed greens to cut down on prep time. Recycle protein from dinner leftovers (grilled chicken or steak) as toppings for the salad. Add fat-rich avocados, olive oil, and nuts to absorb nutrients.

5 Tips To Get Comfortable With Your Postpartum Self

Childbirth doesn’t trigger instant shedding of pregnancy-associated fat. Postpartum hormones that promote lactation do not allow it. Accept that everyone’s body is different. While some women quickly regain shape, it is more challenging for others. Prioritize your child’s health. Eat whole foods to nourish your little one. Don’t be hard on yourself. Patience is key.

How To Embrace Your New Postpartum Body

Don't diet. Your body has been through enough stress. It needs some tender loving care. Readopt your preconception diet - high-quality protein (egg yolks and red meats), healthy fats, and veggies. Once you’ve healed, start exercising and walking - you will feel confident. Be comfortable in your postpartum body while motivating yourself with the sculpted shape you wish to regain.

Useful Tips To Keep Exercising And Stay Fit During Pregnancy

Women fitness enthusiasts are often weary of having kids for fear of losing shape. During pregnancy, listen to your body for cues about your food and exercise. Tweak your workout and find motivation to adjust to the changes in your body. Rest when you need to. Know that timing is key. Be patient till the end of your pregnancy before you resume your intensive workouts.

5 Tips To Manage Cravings While Breastfeeding

Sleep deprivation can cause sugar cravings as your body wants an instant energy fix, so rest well. Often, thirst is mistaken for sugar craving, so stay hydrated. Include foods like sweet/white potato, squash, bananas and plantains that give you natural sugar as well as vitamins, minerals and fiber. Be easy on yourself even if you give in to sugar cravings, once a while.

How To Stay Body Positive (And Excited!) During Your Second Trimester

Practice seeing each little change in your body as something amazing and wonderful. Listen to your internal body cues mindfully. Focus on eating when you’re hungry and stopping when you’re full. Have confidence that if you continue to eat foods that make you feel good and listen to your body, you’ll get to where your body naturally wants to be after pregnancy.

First Trimester: Foods To Eat During Pregnancy

Pregnancy brings about noticeable changes to the body and it’s almost impossible to stick with one’s pre-pregnancy diet. However, eating a nutrient-dense, whole-food diet prior to the pregnancy can make ensuing months easier. Paying attention to your body’s cue be it food cravings or hunger pangs will keep you on course with your pregnancy weight gain.

5 Tips To End “All Or Nothing”

1. Acknowledge that negative voice telling you everything is ruined. 2. Listen to the voice and it will grow weak. 3. Take the opportunity to get back to healthy eating. 4. Suppress your cravings by indulging in an activity you like. 5. Remind yourself that nothing is ruined, and that you don't need to wait till tomorrow.

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