Dr. Aline Potvin

Dr. Aline Potvin is a naturopathic doctor, teacher, medical muse, and healthcare advocate. Her love of working with patients in her family health practice in Arundel, ME is only surpassed by her deep desire to educate and support families to become independently healthy, and bring that forward into building community.

5 Reasons Why A Gluten-Free Diet Is Not Working Out For You

Gluten enters our bodies from many sources (even shampoos!). Complete gluten removal may take years so be patient with your gluten-free regimen. Gluten-free packaged foods should be avoided. Eat whole foods instead. Don’t substitute gluten with corn. Not even GMO-free or organic corn. Avoid refined sugar as it retards the effects of "no gluten." Check for other underlying issues if nothing works.

Lifestyle Changes To Ensure Second Pregnancy

With the first kid hale and healthy, we usually expect a smooth second pregnancy. However, a lot of complications need to be handled for this to work out. Healthy nutrition, less stress, and positive vibes and lifestyle is extremely necessary in ensuring a smooth process with the next pregnancy.

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