Aaron Swanson

Aaron Swanson, DPT, CSCS is a physical therapist practicing in New York City. Aaron was first introduced to the world of movement and rehab as a student Athletic Trainer for the University of Tennessee Lady Volunteers. After completing his degree in Exercise Science, he attended NYU for his Doctor of Physical Therapy degree. Since graduating, Aaron has worked in private orthopedic clinics that focus on movement restoration through manual therapy, neuro-based exercise, and strength training. Aaron has a strong interest in the holistic approach to movement patterns and the integration of performance training into the rehab setting.

7 Ankle Mobility Exercises For Dorsiflexion: Video Tutorials

Untangle your nerves and warm up your hamstrings with active stretches. Develop flexibility of ankle muscles with static, passive, and isometric calf stretches. Perform eccentric heel drops and seated ankle dorsiflexion to upgrade the range and strength of your ankle joints. Do foot wave dissociations to flex your toes. Surpass your limits with banded and pistol squat ankle mobility stretches.

Quick 5 Min Fixes For Your Aching Back

Stand straight and try touching your toes without bending your knees. Failure to do so means your back flexibility is poor and prone to injury. To improve flexibility, practice crocodile breathing, repeated flexion and quadruped knee lifts. These mild exercises will help flex core and lower back muscles. Practice daily till you can touch your toes without warmup.

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