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6 Tips To Avoid Getting Worked Up At Work

Anxiety attacks at work can hinder your progress in your workspace. Follow a daily ritual of mindful meditation. Make sure to eat right and avoid any unhealthy interactions at work. Use office breaks to breathe, relax and rejuvenate. Plan your work well so that you can execute it without getting stressed it.

Lifting Vs Running: Find Out What’s Best For Your Bones

Bone is a living tissue that responds to stress. Bone growth happens through a process known as bone remodeling. Here, the bone cells lay down new bone matrix and strengthen the bone in response to external stress. Running is an aerobic exercise that's great for cardiovascular health. Strength training exercises like weightlifting are more focused on enhancing bone strength exclusively.

7 Moves To Get A Shapely And Well-Rounded Butt

To get a well-rounded butt, you need to do exercises that burn fat and build the glutes. In your daily fitness routine spend at least 10 minutes to do a few jump squats, bridges and mountain climber exercises to tone your butt and lower body. If you are ready to go the extra mile, add dumbbells while doing deadlifts or perform barbell deadlifts to fire up every muscle in your butt and lower limbs.

All You Need To Know About Preterm Labor And Birth

When a baby is born in between 20 and 34 weeks of pregnancy, she is called a preterm or premature baby. It's the leading cause of death among children below the age of 5 worldwide. This is because preterm babies are more vulnerable to illnesses compared to infants born at full-term. There are several risk factors for a preterm labor to occur. However, it can be prevented with lifestyle modifications.

6 Types Of Foods You Should Eat For A Goodnight Sleep

If falling asleep is a quite a task for you, it's high time you customized your diet. Before you go to bed, make sure you have calcium like foods like milk or magnesium-rich foods like spinach or dark chocolate. Even tryptophan-containing foods like pumpkin seeds can induce sleep faster due to its action on melatonin and serotonin. High carbohydrate foods are also good at making you sleep better.

7 High-Protein Vegetables Every Vegan Needs

If you have chosen avoid animal-based sources of proteins, you can still get all the protein you need from proteinaceous vegetables. These include leafy greens like spinach, brussels sprouts, and broccoli. Sprouted mung and alfalfa beans are also terrific sources of proteins. Soybeans, lentils, asparagus, and artichokes should also be included in your diet to meet your protein needs.

5 Things To Remember Before Cooking With Essential Oils

Essential oils have a wide range of uses. They are usually topically applied or inhaled. However, in recent times, a lot of interest has been generated around using them for cooking. When added to recipes, it doesn't do anything more than enhance flavors. A very minimal amount is enough as it's quite concentrated. Not all essential oils are safe for consumption hence discretion is needed.

6 Non-Toxic Cleaning Products For Your Home

Commercially available cleaners, detergents, and dishwashing liquids can affect your health in various ways. Moreover, they are non-biodegradable and can cause environmental pollution too. It's best to use non-toxic ingredients like vinegar, washing soda, Castille soap, borax and essential oils to make safe all-purpose cleaners, detergents, dishwashing liquid and air fresheners.

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