Five Ways An Attitude Of Gratitude Can Change The Way You Live

Practicing An Attitude Of Gratitude Can Drastically Change The Way We Perceive Our Lives

Many of us live believing that we are entitled to get certain things from our lives. These things may be our dream job, a fancy house, a beautiful life partner, etc. Although we can pursue our many desires, there is unfortunately no law that says we will always get what we want. The idea that some things are just not within our control is something many of us are yet to fully understand. This is the reason we ask ourselves “why is this happening to me?” when things don’t go in the direction we intended it to. In times like these, we may forget that we have countless experiences to be grateful for. Practicing an attitude of gratitude can drastically change the way we perceive ourselves, our environment, and our lives. Here are a five ways in which practicing the art of gratitude can change your life.

1. Practicing An Attitude Of Gratitude Strengthens Relationships

 Expressing Our Gratitude May Help Others Express Theirs


Being grateful for the people in our lives strengthens our relationship with them. When we begin to appreciate their existence, we begin to pay more attention to reasons we adore them rather than focus on their flaws. When we verbalize this appreciation for them, we let them know how much we value them. Most of us want to be appreciated for all that we do but it’s something we feel uncomfortable expressing. Expressing our gratitude may help others express theirs.

2. It Makes Us Positive And Happier

 Practicing An Attitude Of Gratitude Nurtures Positive Thinking Making One Happier

Studies have found that practicing an attitude of gratitude nurtures positive thinking making one happier and more content. According to a study conducted by Dr. Robert A. Emmons of the University of California, Davis, and Dr. Michael E. McCullough of the University of Miami, “People in the gratitude condition experienced higher levels of positive affect during the 13-day period, and it appears plausible that this effect on positive affect generally was due to the intervention’s effect on gratitude per se. They were also more likely to report having helped someone with a personal problem or offered emotional support to another, suggesting pro-social motivation as a consequence of the gratitude induction.”

3. It Also Benefits Our Physical Health

Practicing An Attitude Of Gratitude Benefits Our Physical Health

Studies have found that thinking positively releases chemicals in the brain that causes a reduction is stress and anxiety. Some studies indicate that a positive mind could impact the heart favorably by controlling blood pressure and preventing coronary heart disease. There are several studies that indicate a reduction in pain in people suffering from rheumatoid arthritis as a result of a positive and happier attitude. Studies also claim that the reduction in pain may be a result of positive thoughts changing an individual’s perception of pain. Individuals who think positively in some cases have also found to have longer life spans.

4. Helps Us Deal With Difficult Situations

 Practicing An Attitude Of Gratitude Helps You Deal With Difficult Situations

Gratitude helps you deal with adversity and cope during difficult situations. When we are at our lowest point, the last thing we should be doing is feeling ungrateful about our lives. Instead, when we’re faced with a conflict, it is important to evaluate the pros in your situation and be grateful for it. If you’ve lost someone dear to you, gratitude helps cherish the memories that you’ve had with that person.

5. People Will Be Drawn To The Way You See Life

The Change That You Create In Yourself Might Just Benefit The Society Around You

Your attitude of gratitude may evoke a sense of curiosity in the people around you. It will help others see the world as you do ultimately creating a large positive impact. They may even be inspired to begin practicing it themselves. The change that you create in yourself might just benefit the society around you.