4 Aspects In Which Men And Women Have Varying Sexual Views

If someone asks you if you like sex, you’re bound to answer “yes” no matter what your gender. However, there has been constant back and forth about whether or not men and women differ in why and how they want sex. Researchers say that there are 4 fundamental aspects in which the two genders are different when it comes to their sexual perspectives. Read on to know and understand what these are.

4 Aspects That Show Varying Sexual Perspectives In Men And Women

1. Sexual Desire

Men Tend To Express More Interest In Sex Than Women


Sexual desire simply refers to your want for sex and inclination toward indulging in it. Research suggests that men usually tend to express more interest in sex than women. They are said to think about it and want to have it more often than women. They have also been found to report more sexual fantasies and interest in sexual stimuli than women.1 However, it’s important to remember that there are always exceptions depending on sexual history.

Men also tend to masturbate more often and start off with it at an earlier age than women. That said, it’s certainly a fact that women have been tending more toward pleasuring themselves in the recent past. There has been a significant increase in the number of women who masturbate and even do it as often as men.


2. Sex And Emotional Intimacy

Women May Be More Likely To Want Emotional Intimacy In A Sexual Relationship Then Men

While this may seem like the most cliché observation, women and men have been said to differ in their want for emotional intimacy alongside sex. The tendency of women to want emotional intimacy with a sexual relationship is believed to be likely than men. Women may also be less likely to tend toward casual sex than men. They have also been found to report fantasies that are more likely to involve a familiar partner than a stranger. Men, on the other hand, are said to report the involvement of unknown and multiple partners in their fantasies.


However, it’s important to acknowledge that these observations are not common to all women and men. With changing times, men are becoming more sensitive and empathetic and want emotional intimacy just as much as women do.

3. Aggression During Sex

Men Tend To Be More Aggressive Than Women During Sex


Studies show that, when evaluated, men were found to show more aggression, which comprised being more aggressive, domineering, and experienced than women during sex.2 That said, it’s crucial to remember that there is a fine line between being aggressive and physically abusive. The aggression during sex should never cause severe physical injuries to either the man or the woman.

Also, in the initial phases of relationships, men are believed to be the ones to make the first move toward physical intimacy. This certainly doesn’t mean that women don’t initiate sex at all. It simply means that they tend to do it less often than men.


4. Erotic Plasticity

Women Are More Likely To Alter Their Sexual Beliefs With Changing Social, Situational, And Cultural Factors Than Men

Some researchers suggest that women’s sexual beliefs are more likely to be easily altered by social, situational, and cultural factors.3 This includes aspects like changes in the frequency of sexual activity over time. For instance, following a romantic break-up, a woman may be more likely to engage in masturbation rather than engage in sex with another partner she’s not romantically involved with. A man, on the other hand, may prefer having sex with another partner to masturbation simply to maintain frequent sexual activity. Then again, this isn’t meant to be a generalization of all men and women.


While there has been abundant proven research in the area of varying sexual preferences between men and women, it’s important to keep in mind that these observations are certainly not absolute and that there are many exceptions. The inferences drawn are based on specific studies that consider specific samples. Further research may be required to validate the findings for larger groups of people.

Also, with changing times, gender stereotypes are the last things on people’s minds. The exceeding number of women who masturbate frequently, have casual sex, and are aggressive during the act is increasing by the day. That said, the increasing number of men who want emotional and sexual intimacy in a relationship is also quite encouraging. Sexual perspectives are also largely dependent on a person’s sexual history, environment, and culture.


So, don’t let stereotypes define your sexual perspectives. Explore your sexuality by yourself and be comfortable with it.