You Asked: Your Top 50 Health Questions Answered

1. How To Reset Your Hormones And Melt Fat?

There is a direct relationship between hormones and weight loss. The very aspect of weight loss is controlled by your hormones, including your metabolism. If you are aspiring to lose weight, resetting your hormones can be an efficient way.

Naturopathic expert — Dr. Natasha Turner has long studied ways to naturally enhance life and weight loss with the right diet and lifestyle changes, through hormone changes and has also come up with several books.


2. How To Get Rid Of Stinky Morning Breath?

Bad morning breath is a problem faced by a number of people. People who crawl into bed at night with sparkling clean mouths might also wake up the next morning with a stinky morning breath. However, the intensity of bad breath varies from person to person.


3. What Are The Benefits Of Sleeping Naked?

One of the most important activities that keeps us healthy throughout our lives is sleeping. Sleeping is as important as eating and when one gets deprived of it, it can cause fatal health issues.


4. How To Get Nicotine Out Of Your System Fast ?

When you smoke a cigarette, nicotine circulating in the bloodstream gives a kind of high. On an average 6-8 hours is how long the nicotine from a single cigarette lasts. Most of that nicotine will get eliminated in the urine. It takes 48-72 hours for most of the stored nicotine to be metabolized and leave your body.


5. Why Should You Squat To Poop?

Experts have pointed out that the squatting position is more natural and can help avoid colon disease, constipation, hemorrhoids, pelvic floor issues and similar ailments. In fact in Ayurvedic traditions, elimination of poop is integral to one’s well-being and the squatting position is called as ‘malasana’ in yoga.


6. Basic Kegel Exercises And Their Benefits

Kegel exercises, which are also known as pelvic floor exercises consist of repeatedly contracting and relaxing the muscles that form part of the pelvic floor. This article elaborates on how to perform basic kegel exercises and the various benefits of kegel exercises.


7. Calorie Burning Drinks That Works While You Sleep

Metabolism is the rate at which your body burns calories. Making smart choices about what you eat (like fat burning foods and calorie burning drinks) can help boost your metabolism even while sleeping.  Drink Sip this healthy drink before bed and you’ll wake up feeling lighter and more energetic.


8. Can Honey And Lemon Help Lose Weight?

Over ages, the health benefits of drinking honey and lemon in warm water has had many takers and staunch believers who vouch by its miraculous fat melting properties. This potent combination triggers an increase in bile production from the liver and stimulates and hydrates the colon helping expel toxins, bacteria, undigested food and prevents constipation.


9. Does Sleeping In Bra Prevent Breasts From Sagging?

Ptosis of the breast is the medical term for drooping or sagging female breasts. There may be conflicting views regarding the association of wearing a bra while sleeping and the prevention of sagging breasts, while some experts advocate sleeping bra-free at night while others strongly believe that wearing a bra at night does prevent breasts sagging. However, there is very little scientific data supporting each group. Having said that it is my belief, that wearing bra at all times, especially for an individual who is more prone to breast sagging would certainly reduce the incidence of ptosis. The support provided by a bra would work against the effect of gravity, which would otherwise cause the stretching of the supporting skin and ligaments of the breasts, hence making it droop due to the downward gravitational pull.

Does Sleeping In Bra Prevent Breasts From Sagging

10. Do I Lose Vital Nutrition Through Masturbation?

This is a question that you have to really answer for yourself, based on honest self-observation and a clear understanding of Ayurvedic concepts. Ayurveda teaches that whatever makes the body grow heavier, more lubricated, more warm, and that which promotes a feeling of happiness is “nutritious”. So this is different from modern nutritional science in that Ayurveda teaches that nutrition comes from all the substances we “consume”: