6 Aromatherapy Solutions For Weight Loss And Fitness

Essential oils have long been known for their unique healing properties. They are extracted from the leaves, roots, or stems of various medicinal plants. Aromatherapy uses these essential oils to treat various health conditions by stimulating parts of your brain, ultimately making a positive impact on your body.

In fact, if you’re looking for a healthy and sensible weight loss aid, you may consider aromatherapy. However, aromatherapy isn’t a magical weight loss solution, so it will not work instantly. You must also remember that it is only an aid for weight loss and shouldn’t be treated as a substitute for diet or exercise.


Here are some essential oils that work great if you’re trying to lose weight and stay fit.

1. Lemon Oil

Lemon oil-used in aromatherapy for weight loss, helps muscles work faster.


Lemon is an ingredient known to aid weight loss. Lemon essential oil may help you shed your extra weight while keeping you energized and elevated. It is known to contain Vitamin C that may help your body heal. It is also believed to increase norepinephrine levels and improve cognitive function, helping your muscles work faster and better.

How To Use: Add one or two drops of lemon oil to a glass of water, and drink it in the morning. If drinking it doesn’t suit you, you can massage it on the soles of your feet.


2. Grapefruit Oil

Grapefruit oil-an aromatherapy oil for weight loss, curbs cravings.

Eating grapefruit is known to promote weight loss because it helps in breaking down harmful fats. Grapefruit essential oil is also believed to have a similar impact on your body. It is said to contain nootkatone–an enzyme that helps with curbing food cravings and boosting metabolism.


How To Use: Mix a few drops of grapefruit oil with vegetable oil, and massage it on your body.

3. Bergamot Oil

Bergamot oil-used in aromatherapy for weight loss, regulates cravings and boosts mood


Emotional eating is becoming a growing cause of obesity due to the stress levels in our daily life. Bergamot oil may help with overcoming this issue. Bergamot is a citrus fruit that helps in promoting relaxation and wellness. It may help regulate cravings and boost your mood.

How To Use: Mix a few drops of bergamot oil with a few drops of olive oil, and massage it on the soles of your feet every morning. You could also add a few drops to your warm bath water to reap its benefits.


4. Cinnamon Oil

Cinnamon oil-used in aromatherapy for weight loss, reduces blood sugar.

When your body develops insulin resistance, it starts accumulating fats. Cinnamon extracts can help improve insulin sensitivity in your body.1 Cinnamon essential oil may help regulate your blood sugar levels, eventually leading to weight loss.


How To Use: Add one or two drops of cinnamon oil to a glass of water, and drink it before your meals.

5. Peppermint Oil

Peppermint oil- used in aromatherapy for weight loss, suppresses appetite.

Peppermint has been used for ages in traditional medicine to treat indigestion and other stomach-related disorders. It is believed to suppress your appetite, aid digestion, and make you feel refreshed.

How To Use: You can take peppermint oil capsules or place one drop under your tongue. You can also massage your body with one part of peppermint oil mixed with three parts of olive oil.

6. Fennel Oil

Fennel oil -used in aromatherapy for weight loss, curbs appetite

Fennel essential oil is a known source of melatonin, which helps convert white fat into beige fat. This process is said to promote weight loss. Melatonin is also believed to improve the quality of your sleep, suppress appetite, and curb weight gain.

How To Use: Add a few drops of fennel oil to a glass of water, and drink it after a meal.

Although aromatherapy is used around the world for various cures, research on its effectiveness still has a long way to go. So, don’t depend solely on essential oils to shed those extra pounds. Work out and eat healthy to achieve your fitness goals.