8 Arm Workouts You Can Do Anywhere

These arm exercises are easy and effective.

For an overall great training workout, having a balanced routine is important. Strengthening all the muscles in your body can bring wonderful overall results. One important area to target is the arms, and arm exercises can be done both at the gym as well as in the comfort of your house. They can be easy to learn, and don’t strain your body too much when done in moderation. Moreover, the choice of equipment is also quite flexible, as you just need to be a little creative. You can even use food cans and bottles in your workout if there is absolutely no equipment around.

Arm exercises are interesting because they help increase core strength, and while they are relatively easy to do and can seem almost too easy, they also give your muscles a really good workout. One or two repetitions with a light weight object can feel like a walk in the park, but with each repetition, your muscles get pushed to exhaustion. This discomfort paves way to change in muscle tone and muscle mass, so pushing yourself a little bit more each day will start showing results. These small exercises can work out the triceps, biceps, deltoids and laterals, which are the major muscles in the arm. These exercises can also help to improve muscle endurance, which is the ability of a muscle to repeatedly push against a resistance. Muscle endurance in activities like running and swimming is also similarly increased. Working on muscles is great because the muscle is a metabolically active tissue, which means it burns more calories at rest than non-muscular tissue. These workouts can be quite effective when done regularly:

1. Bicep Warmup

Warmup for the muscles

Keep your heels together and keep your feet slightly turned out. Keep your knees straight, engage your abs and evenly breathe. Using weights or any other suitable equipment, pick up the weights and do 16 repetitions of a bicep curl.

2. Shoulder Press

Goal post position works the triceps.

Move your arms into a goal post position (your arms should look like a goal post). Push your arm up and straighten your arms above your head, and come back to the goal post position. Do these repetitions 16 times and move through a full range of motions.

3. Fly Arms

This workout engages the entire body.

Keep your feet parallel, keep you feet slightly apart and keep your toes pointing forward. Sit into a squat position with your body weight concentrated on your heels. Pitch your shoulders slightly forward while keeping your abdominal muscles engaged. Keep your muscle in the elbows soft and keep your palms facing each other. After this position is assumed, lift and squeeze the shoulder blades together and bring them lower 16 times. After this, hold your arms wide out, and move your elbows towards the sky 16 times.

4. Elbow Lift Bicep Curls

Works the upper part of the hand.

Keep your elbows above the rib cage. Keep them lifted slightly in front of you, and as you are maintaining this position, perform bicep curls 16 times and move through a full range of motion.

5. Bicep Burnout

Can exhaust the bicep muscles

Move your arms into the goal post position, and press your elbows together. Open your arms and move to the original goal post position. Do this repetition 16 times.

6. Tricep Kickback

This exercise engages the entire body.

Move into a squat position with your body weight in your heels. Extend your arms fully behind you and keep your palms up towards the sky. Pulse upwards by one inch and come back to original position 16 times.

7. Arm Extension

The whole arms gets a workout.

Bring your hands up at shoulder height and extend your palms with your arms facing your back and scapula pushing away from the ears. Do this 16 times. After this, hold your position to the extend arms and pulse your arm up slightly 16 times.

8. Upright Row

This workout engages both the arms and legs.

Step your right foot to the back slightly and place both the weights in your right hand. In this position, fully extend your arms forward and draw the elbow back. Do this 16 times. Place the weights in the left hand, step your left food slightly back and perform the same 16 upright rows as on the right side. After this, take some time to stretch to cool down.