Breaking Stereotypes: Are Men Happier With Chubby Women?

Our society has a very set idea of beauty and good looks for both men and women. Women are only deemed attractive when they resemble a shape of a certain object and their faces are of certain symmetry. Things are not much different for men either. Men are also deemed attractive only when they have a certain kind of physique. Stereotypes created by our society are one dimensional portrayal of people, both in terms of physicality and acceptability. But people are breaking these stereotypes in newer and more radical ways by increasing their horizons of acceptability. Women are accepting their bodies with all its flaws and so are men. And wonderfully enough, both the genders are accepting each other’s flaws with their arms wide open.

Science has also started finding proofs of those withering stereotypes. A lot of anthropological researches have started taking place to widen our understanding of existing stereotypes and human acceptability.

Research About Curvy Women And Their Partners

.Curvy women and happy partners

A study was recently conducted by the department of psychology at the National Autonomous University of Mexico on curvy women and their partners. The survey was headed by Dr. Filemon Alvarado and Dr. Edgardo Morales. The researchers claimed to have found out that men with chubby partners are ten times more happier than men with skinny partners. The study claimed that skinny partners tend to be less expressive about their emotions and more reserved in nature. This study also claimed that chubby women are better at anticipating the needs of their partners.

Takeaways From The Research

Take away

This research was conducted with a small group of people of one specific ethnicity. So, it would be wrong to say that all men want the same things in their partners. Different people find different attributes attractive. Also, our idea of beauty tend to vary with different ethnicities, cultures and lots of other parameters. But it is wonderful to see that people are accepting their partners beyond the standard conventions of beauty.

Breaking Stereotypes Or Reinforcing A Prejudice?

Reinforcing prejudice

This research is a wonderful way of celebrating acceptance of women who don’t fit into the media portrayed stereotype of beauty. Celebrating women and men for their flaws is a wonderful way of increasing our horizon of acceptability. But at the same time, it must be understood that this research doesn’t speak for the whole of our society. And the idea behind this research is hopefully not to reinforce any prejudice against women who are not chubby. The idea is to expand the way we perceive beauty and encourage the people to accept their ‘flaws’.

Love Trumps Weight

Love trumps all

Beauty should be more than just skin deep. Size of an individual should not be the reason why their partners are happy with them. Happiness in a relationship comes from many other parameters than just the weight of a partner. A good relationship requires deep connection between two individuals. It requires understanding between two people. Love doesn’t discriminate. In a great relationship, love between two people is not indirectly proportional to their weights. Increasing weight of one partner will not incite a reaction of diminished love in the other partner. Hence, weight is just a shallow parameter of measuring happiness in a relationship.

Widening Our Perspective

Wide perspective of beauty

Media plays a big role in setting beauty standards for people. That’s why different countries have different beauty standards which are in accord with their media and national sensibilities. Regardless of the difference we see in the world, we can always appreciate beauty in all its forms, shapes and sizes if we want. Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. It is an old saying but it still holds good for us to contemplate on. And it all depends on the people whether they want to see beauty in someone or not.

So, don’t let conventions dictate your idea of beauty or your sense of happiness with your partner.