Anxiety And Depression – From Hell To Happiness!

Anxiety And Depression - From Hell To Happiness!


 way to the Happiness

My goal is to teach you how to live life happy – even   when trauma and unhappiness is thrown in front of us!

My journey to joy and success was not an easy road, and I dont think it is for any woman!  When I look at where I am now- so happy, achieving my goals, living my story – successfully, I know how blessed I am.


Ok, what I do is definitely outside the box, but who would have known or believed the strength, the power, the profound healing benefits of Botanical Therapy and how it took me from what I believe now was the beginning of a nervous breakdown to a Practitioner For Emotional Health, speaker and teacher of  Alternative Healing, helping men, women and children reverse negative behaviors and feelings and enhance positivity and success in their lives.


The journey of Life

For me, success has came through trauma.  When I couldn’t get myself off the floor – I was raised up  through the power of what the earth has given us, plant extracts-botanical therapy.  It was ridiculous to me, when my doctor suggested a customized blend to get me through the trauma, the hell I was going through.   I thought she was crazy – wheres the xanex?!!


It was ten years ago when I received the call my father had a heart attack and I had to get to the hopsital right away – in another state.  I had to deal with five different doctors, who all had their own opinions on my fathers health and whether my father should live or die.  Like motherhood, no one prepares us for whats ahead.   It was overwhelming to say the least. Who ever thought we would have to make life/death decisions for our parents?

At the same time, I had just sold my home, needed to get my children out of the horrible school they were in, find a new house, and to make matters worse, my marriage was falling apart.  I knew I hit rock bottom when I could not remember how to get back to my fathers apartment one night around 2 am after finally leaving the hospital, and I made this drive many, many times before.  I could not eat, could not sleep.  (I had been flying back and forth, I was in my forth week, going home weekends looking for a house, taking care of the kids, preparing them for the next week and flying back to Florida on Sundays or Mondays.)  I was losing the ability to make decisions, not eating, sleeping, couldn’t think, breaking down.  I called my doctor, also a homeopath and asked for help.   She recommended a customized blend of plant botanical.   Are you kidding me?  Did she not hear me say I am losing it and need help quickly?  A flower remedy blend?


How can I not listen, this doctor cured my son from pneumonia when the doctors could not help – 3x by the time he was 18 months old.  Never again since my first visit with her.

She fed exed me a blend, I took it.  It took affect within a few days (I understand now it was because I was in chaos).  With clarity, I was able to make decisions for my fathers care, after hearing the opinions of the doctors – I knew my father better than anyone, I would decide what to do.   Was this the remedy?


My doctor explained that when we are moved out of emotional balance we go into a negative place, if we dont fix it, it gets worse and eventually moves into a physical dis-ease in the body.   We are thrown curves on a regular basis, but we dont have to hold onto it.  We can move back into a healthy attitude, positive thinking, releasing negative feelings and behaviors and moving forward.  Something so simple, yet so powerful that the earth has given us!  Who knew!!


Healing touch of Flower

After I left Florida and went home, I dealt with school, found a home, repaired the issues with my husband and was able to move on with clarity, confidence, understanding.  It was so amazing, that I had to play and see if it was the remedy.  My son was being tested for learning disabilities – I thought it was just intense shyness – treated him for that – and it was gone, in fact, cant quiet him down and any issues with the school ended!  Used them on my family, my friends,began to study, then travel around the world meeting producers of the extracts and now – I am a Practitioner, teacher, speaker!


For me, the flower remedies changed my life – or better yet – moved me back on the path I was supposed to be on.  The remedies touched me on so many different levels that it moved me back to live my true story.  Its amazing to feel happy, to be able to help my kids when they lose confidence, or want to give up easily, or when I feel like I am losing patience, feeling more anger, losing steam for my business or my life, or even my marriage.

I am so grateful for to have been able to get past the trauma, and know that inside this intense box of trauma, was a hidden gift that brought me back to who I am.   My “humps, issues, traumas” are not over as this is life, but I  know now where to reach  for strength and stability.  The remedies brought out what was inside me for the better, allowing me to live the life I want with no fear, knowing I can do anything I want.  You Can Too!