5 Things To Anticipate When You Break Up With A Narcissist

Narcissists are people who are obsessed with themselves and their needs in a relationship. They will never stop to consider the feelings or the needs of their partners in a relationship. In their heads, the other side of the narrative doesn’t exist as they don’t really care about others’ existence. In a relationship, the partner of a narcissist is always a caretaker. That individual will see to it that all the needs of the narcissist is met. This creates an uneven balance in the relationship in which the narcissist will only receive and the caretaker will only give. But there will come a time when the caretaker will feel used beyond a necessary limit and would seek to end the relationship. Breaking up with a narcissist would be just as challenging as dating one. They will use all means at their disposal to stop this inconvenient event to happen. So, you must prepare yourself for the worst if you are planning to break up with a narcissist. There are five things that a person should anticipate before breaking up with a narcissist.

1. Uninhibited Blame


Narcissists often use blame to make their partners feel bad. When things go wrong, they would resort to blaming the other person entirely for all the things that have gone wrong. Initially, a narcissist would tend to make you feel great. He or she would make you feel like you are his or her prized possession and he or she is thrilled to be dating you. And when things go wrong, it would take a narcissist a second to demonize you and blame you. He or she would despise you and your very existence when things go wrong. This would be shocking to you in the beginning but you would soon see the truth behind their behavior.

2. They Will Try To Convince You That It Was Your Mistake

They will convince you that it was your fault


After years of having your decisions devalued by a narcissist, a person can become used to second guessing oneself. And a narcissist would take advantage of this. He or she would try their best to make you feel like the fault lies with you. They will use all the emotional and psychological tools at their disposal to convince you that you have wronged them. They will use persuasion, emotional manipulation and even intimidation to convince you. They will give you many reasons why you shouldn’t leave the relationship but eventually, you will notice that none of those things are healthy for you.

3. The Evil Guilt Trip

The guilt trip


A narcissist will take you on a long journey of guilt trip to change your mind about leaving him or her. She or he will remind you of all the nice things she or he has done for you and will try to use all the good memories to get a psychological edge over you. At the same time, she or he would try to blame you for being the reason behind his or her bad behavior. These narcissists are incredible toxic individuals who wouldn’t mind accusing you. Accusations are a tool that they use to make others feel more guilty and coax them into staying in a relationship.

4. They Will Seek Attention

They would seek attention


After you have broken up with your narcissistic partner, he or she would try to engage in various things to seek your attention. They can drunk call you, come to your house unannounced, send you a hundred messages to ‘explain’ their side to you. But you need to remember that these are all tricks to get your attention and elicit sympathy in you.

5. Public Humiliation

Public humiliation


A narcissist wouldn’t mind publicly humiliating you by using gossip as a tool. Even if they have promised to keep quiet about the relationship in the beginning, they wouldn’t mind talking about their break-ups. They would wash their dirty linen in public to garner sympathy from others. This is a manipulation tactic to make you feel bad.

A good relationship is based on trust and love. But a relationship with a narcissist generally thrives on drama and manipulation. So, getting out of a toxic equation like that is a necessity for normal people. So, break away without having any guilt and find more positive terrains.