9 Anti-Anxiety Plants For Your Home

These days, it’s common to feel stressed! So why not fill your home with greenery? Beyond beauty, many plants have anti-anxiety benefits as well. Yes, maybe they won’t hand you a glass of wine to reduce your stress levels. However, these plants release relaxing aromas that put your mind at ease. They also do what plants do best, which is to purify the air.

Unfortunately, our homes are full of synthetic materials! NASA shares that these materials emit chemicals called volatile organic compounds. Examples include formaldehyde and benzene, two potentially carcinogenic irritants. It is hard to avoid them unless every single item you own is all-natural. Luckily, houseplants clean the air. The simple act of caring for your indoor garden also provides stress relief – even more than reading.12 So, welcome these anti-anxiety plants into your home and you’ll breathe fresh air and feel well.


A Few Indoor Anti-Anxiety Plants

1. Lavender Calms You Down

Lavender helps calm you down

Lavender is known for its calming properties. Inhaling the scent slows down the nervous system, making you fall asleep and relax more easily. It can even improve your mood, concentration, and irritability. This herb grows very slowly, so buy a plant that’s already matured.3


2. Rosemary Improves Your Memory

Rosemary help improve your memory

Are you so stressed that you can’t think? Get a rosemary plant! The aroma enhances memory and concentration, making it useful for anxious moments. It also supports the nervous system, just like lavender.4


3. Clary Sage Acts As A Stress-Buster

Clary sage acts as a natural stress buster

Aromatherapy embraces clary sage as a stress-busting herb. According to one study, the oil helped mothers feel less pain, fear, and anxiety during labor. You can inhale this scent with the help of a flowering clary sage plant as well.5


4. Snake Plants Purify The Air

Snake plant is a good air purifier

The snake plant is a popular air-purifier as it cleans the air by filtering out harmful chemicals. Plus, since it needs to be watered only once a month, it’s really easy to care for. People even call the snake plant “indestructible.”


5. Gerbera Daisies Can Lighten Up Your Day

Gerbera Daisy can help cheer you up

If you love bright colors, get yourself a pot of gerbera daisies. The vibrant petals will instantly cheer up your space. These flowers also purify the air, just like the other plants.


6. Rubber Plants Clear Out Toxins

Rubber plant help to clear out toxins

The rubber plant is also known for clearing out toxins. Specifically, it is thought to be best at filtering formaldehyde. This plant can thrive in dim lighting, making it an excellent indoor plant.


7. Golden Pothos Gives Your Home A Soothing Vibe

Golden Pothos creates an indoor relaxing vibe

For a beautiful hanging plant, buy a golden pothos. The way it drapes will create a relaxing vibe in your home. Better yet, you’ll benefit from its air-purifying properties.

8. Dracaena Janet Craig Helps Remove Toxins

Dracaena Janet Craig help remove toxins

Does work make you anxious? Adopt a Janet Craig, a popular office plant. It’s known for removing toxins and clearing the air. Since offices tend to have many synthetic chemicals, Janet Craig is a smart choice.

9. Peace Lilies Create A Relaxing Atmosphere

Peace lily helps to provide a relaxing atmosphere

The peace lily is appropriately named because a single plant creates a relaxing atmosphere, thanks to its lovely white flowers. Peace lilies are also thought to free the air of chemicals like acetone and benzene.

Thanks to these nine plants, home decor doubles as stress relief. Don’t have a green thumb? Start with something easy, like a snake plant. Ensure you cover your home with enough green for you to feel fresh and relaxed.