6 Amazing Ways Toys Help Develop Your Child’s Basic Skills

Toys may seem as a tool that holds your baby’s attention. While you get time to wash the dishes, your baby plays with the pull-kart toy that you just bought for him to keep him occupied.

You may also be worried about your baby trying to test the durability of those toys by putting them in their toothless mouth and chewing them—there also lurks the risk of ingesting germs and dust. However, on the contrary, toys can be significant for the growth of your baby.


Children can learn quickly by playing with different types of toys—it can help develop their cognitive ability, visual perception, and motor skills. Surprised? Let’s us understand how your baby’s toys are a tool for their learning.

1. Stack Of Rings To Develop Attention And Memory

Do you remember getting that brightly colored stack of rings for your little one when he/she was 6 months old? Those primary colors are appealing to your baby’s eyes and stimulate visual development.


Your baby will be busy arranging the rings and once the target is achieved, it will also help them develop their memory and provide them a sense of touch.

2. Grabbing the Toy To Develop Grasping Skills

Toys like colorful balls that keep rolling away help develop your child’s grasping skills. Initially, your baby might drop something and still be unaware of the act. However, they will slowly learn to grab and grasp things.


While running or crawling for the ball, they will extend their hands and try to catch-hold the ball. The grip of your baby’s fist will only increase with time—you may try pulling a try from their hand and realize they are really learning to not let go of their strong grip.

If the ball is colorful or jingles when it rolls, it helps in developing their auditory and visual abilities as well.


3. Developing Eye-Hand Coordination Through Toys

Eye-hand coordination is a significant skill to pickup. A baby may not be able to catch a ball thrown at them because of a lack of eye-hand coordination—it is a skill that develops over time.

However, you can help the baby in learning by proving them with toys like shape sorters or blocks toys, where it requires your child to pick and place the toy by looking at its shape.


4. Toys Teach The Cause And Effect Technique To Kids

When that press-and-go toy is let go, it zooms past when we press a button, making it appealing to your kid. While playing with such toys, your baby can know the cause and effect by pressing the button and watching the toy move.

Even running behind those bright toys will help them develop their motor skills.


5. Pull-Along Toys For Developing Sharpness And Grip

Toys like pull-along carts can be fun for babies as they can take them along with them by holding the toy with a good grip. Tagging along a toy means a good grip as well as balancing themselves while holding onto the toys and moving around.

6. Toys Help In Improving Language Skills

Your baby could have just started speaking a few words—toys can help develop their language skills by exposing them to new words through exciting ways like games and stories. A toy tablet could help your baby learn new sounds, words, phrases, letters—basically, a lot of information could be learned from a single source!


Through imitation, your toddler can pick up new things quickly. However, make sure the toys your baby plays with are safe—neither too small that they could be swallowed nor sharp to hurt them while playing.

Ensure that the toy material is tested for the safety of children. Always look for age-group mentioned on the toy before buying them. It could be your baby is not old enough to play with complex toys that could do harm than good.