Amazing Ways How Your Clothes Affect Your Mood

Amazing Ways How Your Clothes Affect Your Mood

We are what we wear! But, extremely rational people may say that clothes are just pieces of fabric worn as a garment. However, experts have found that the clothes we wear actually affect our mood. People love certain clothes as they make them feel good. And when you look good, you feel good and perform much better in your personal and professional life. Researchers have also found that women attach emotions to their clothes and only wear the ones that make them feel good.

How Clothes Affect Your Mood

Researchers suggest that apart from wearing clothes to enhance our mood, people also wear clothes to improve or mask emotions. Despite depending on clothes to enhance their sense of well-being, people also blame certain garments when something goes wrong. Here are 7 ways how our clothes impact our mood.


1. Things Go Your Way

Your clothes may help things go your way

Your clothes can have a positive influence on things going your way. If you are dressed appropriately, you can even win an argument. According to research published in the Journal of Experimental Psychology, your clothing may give you an edge in an argument. The study found that the people who were dressed better routinely outsmarted those who were dressed down. Moreover, the men dressed in sweats actually showed lower testosterone levels, which further reduced their aggression. If you’re well-dressed, you may be successful in convincing others.


2. Cheers You Up

Your clothes can help you cheer up

While some people wear clothes that reflect their mood, others wear clothing that changes their mood. Often, people dress how they like to feel or how they’d like others to perceive they’re feeling. Some people wear clothes that make them look happy, while in reality, they may be feeling down. Dressing well may get you compliments, which in turn makes you feel happier. Certain clothes even bring back wonderful memories that may be associated with them.


3. Motivates You To Exercise

Your clothes can motivate you to exercise and stay fit

Wearing the right clothes for a yoga session or the gym can motivate you to perform better. If you’ve bought a new pair of joggers, you’ll be waiting for sunrise to hit the running track. Gym clothes are not only comfortable during exercise but also look trendy. Many people make a style statement by the dress they wear to the gym. If your motivation levels to workout are down, shop around for new gym clothes that can motivate you to wear them and flex those muscles.


4. Makes You Feel Powerful

Your clothes make you feel powerful

Business suits invoke a sense of power in the wearer and instill a sense of professionalism in the office environment. Studies show that being smartly dressed in business suits can boost your professionalism. Even the behavior of the person wearing the suit appears more dignified. In one study, researchers made some people wear formal business attire and complete a series of experiments that challenged their cognitive processing abilities. Subjects dressed in business suits felt significantly more powerful and in control of the situation than their under-dressed peers.


5. Helps In Weight-Loss

Your clothes can help you lose weigt

The sight of your old low-waist denim may motivate you to hit the gym and shed some pounds. Some women may take exercises quite seriously just to reduce weight so that they can wear certain clothes. They may wear a figure-hugging pair of pants, tighten their belt, or even tie a ribbon around their waist underneath their clothing to remind themselves to eat less. Many French women wear a ribbon around their waist underneath their clothes when they go out for dinner to keep them conscious about how much they eat.


6. Makes You Look Professional

Your clothes make you look professional

Many people’s jobs require them to wear certain clothes that conform to a specific dress code. You wouldn’t take a medical advice seriously from a person dressed like a rock star. But, if the same advice came from a person wearing a white doctor’s coat, you’d probably believe them. Similarly, you automatically show more respect to a person dressed as a policeman or a firefighter as their duty is to serve and protect our country. To look professional, we often have to wear clothes that reflect our dedication and identity.


7. Helps You Focus Better

Your clothes enable you to focus better

Imagine if you were a passenger in a plane flown by a pilot wearing pajamas! Happy landing. In continuation with the previous point, wearing certain clothes instills a sense of responsibility in us. You may be laid back and more relaxed while you’re in your jammies at home. But, the moment you wear the dress that your profession demands, you suddenly become more alert and conscious of your identity. This not only causes you to be more serious about your job but also helps you focus better.