6 Amazing Reasons To Eat Garlic Daily

I hesitate to categorize foods as “superfoods”. It makes them seem like they have mythical powers. Like eating the food will turn you into a nutritional superhero!

At the end of the day, your diet does not depend on any one food. But, there are certain foods that are extra supportive of health.


These foods go beyond just being nutritious to actually having healing properties. Garlic is one of these foods and today, I am going to talk about why you should eat it daily.

First let me make this point. No, you will not want to eat it right before you kiss someone. But no, it will not make you smell all day either. And just a couple cloves a day is all you need. Raw is better than cooked, but in a pinch, either will do.


Since garlic is used mainly for flavoring, it is super simple to make it a part of your daily diet. Just add it in the final stage of preparing soups, a stir-fry or curries. No time to cook? Throw it into your smoothie or just into a cup of tea.

And why should you eat it? Because it is more than a healthy food. It is a food that actually balances the body and fights disease. Want to live a long vibrant life? Then eating foods like garlic is a good place to start.


6 Healthy Reasons To Eat More Garlic

1. Fights Inflammation

I often talk about inflammation as it precedes many bodily disorders. Garlic has natural anti-inflammatory compounds making it a natural way to fight inflammation on a daily basis.

It protects against such things as weight gain, hay fever, and even serious diseases like autoimmune diseases and cancer.


2. Supports Immunity

Do you want a natural way to protect against seasonal sniffles as we go into cold and flu season? Then look no further than the clove.

Studies have demonstrated that garlic has anti-viral and immunity boosting properties.1In one study, subjects who took garlic every day instead of a placebo for 3 months actually exhibited fewer colds!


3. Helps Lower Blood Pressure

Garlic contains a compound called gamma-glutamylcysteine. This compound fights against an enzyme that is present in high quantities as blood pressure rises.

Allicin, another one of its beneficial compound further assists in dilating the arteries. Together, they help the body lower blood pressure.


4. Fights Against E.coli

Studies show a powerful effect in the fight against food poisoning and infections. Garlic is shown to have antibacterial qualities that are effective in fighting S.aureus and E.coli infections of the urinary tract and gut.

5. It Can Make Your Skin Glow

Garlic is full of antioxidants which are great for your complexion. Beautiful skin comes first from the inside. And eating antioxidant rich foods on a daily basis is a great way to look younger and more beautiful!


6. Offers Protection For The Zika Virus

There is some evidence that the high blood levels of the compound allicin in garlic actually make you less tasty to mosquitoes! So eating it can actually be a natural bug repellent.

And if you were to contract the virus, this spice will help boost your immunity to more effectively fight the virus (but, please also take other common sense approaches to mosquito protection if you live in a high risk area!).

How To Consume Garlic For Health

Garlic must be cut prior to consuming to receive the full benefits. The health promoting compound will only start to form in the minutes after it is cut. And it takes up to 10 full minutes, so be patient before consuming.

How Much Should You Eat Daily?

2 to 4 cloves a day is about right for the average person. So, eat this daily!

There is so much to gain from eating garlic daily. And it makes food taste great, so why not? Do you have a favorite way to eat garlic? Of course I want to know!