Amazing Facts About Honey: The Magical Healing Elixir

The use of honey in medicinal recipes dates back to many centuries. Raw honey is the purest form of honey, which is unfiltered, unpasteurized, and has all the beneficial nutrients in it. Commercial honey is mostly heated during processing so that it is easy to store them in large commercial tanks, and loses many essential nutrients in the process. Raw honey, however, is replete with numerous vitamins and minerals and can be used for various medicinal purposes externally as well as internally.

Honey And Its Benefits

The list of honey’s benefits is quite a long one. This golden liquid has been found to increase the absorption of calcium, increase hemoglobin count, fight cold and respiratory issues, boost gastrointestinal health, help with constipation, allergies, and obesity, provide instant energy and also, supply the human body with a huge array of essential nutrients, to name a few.

1. Protects Against Bacteria And Parasites

Raw honey is considered very effective in treating against bacteria and parasites internally. It contains natural antibiotics that directly kill the microbes. If raw honey is applied directly on infected tissues, it speeds up the healing process of the damaged tissues. The rich content of vitamins, minerals, and sugars work together to aid in the healing process of wounds.

2. Heals Burns

Bacteria cannot survive the power of honey as it is a powerful antibiotic. When honey is generously applied over burns, it cools down the burning sensation, alleviates pain, and aids in the healing process by making is swift. Burns treated with honey also leave no scars.

3. Cures Insomnia

If you suffer from insomnia, start drinking a mug of warm milk with a dessertspoon of honey before going to bed. It will improve your sleeping patterns and work wonders in treating your insomniac tendencies.

4. Relief From Hyperactivity

Hyperactivity is triggered by the use of white sugar. If you replace all the white sugar in your food with honey, you get the energy without the “spike” and null the chances of going into a state of hyperactivity. White sugar is also highly stimulating without any food quality.

5. Cures Cough, Cold, Sore Throat, And Nasal Congestion

Mix 170 grams of liquid raw honey with 55 grams of glycerin and the juice of two lemons. Mix well and bottle it firmly. Take 2 teaspoons from time to time to get relief from cough. For a sore throat, take a teaspoon of honey and let it melt in the back of your mouth, trickle down the throat, and aid in easing inflamed tissues. For nasal congestion, place a dessertspoon of honey in a basin of boiling water. Cover your head and inhale the fumes by keeping a towel over the basin.

6. Alleviates Fatigue And Stress

Take a dessertspoon of honey and let it dissolve in a jug of warm water. Keep the water in the fridge and drink a glass of this when you feel fatigued. The fructose and glucose in honey gets absorbed by the digestive system quickly and it also acts as a natural stabilizer. Honey with water helps in calming mood swings and relieve a person from stress as well. Just use 25 percent honey in a glass of water and drink it to help you de-stress yourself.

7. Treats Poor Digestion

When you mix honey with apple cider vinegar in 1:1 ratio and dilute it with water, it acts as a tonic to treat poor digestion, constipation, and relieves you from heartburn as well. This mixture works well for joint pain and also, promotes weight loss.

8. Treats Conjunctivitis

When you suffer from conjunctivitis, take equal quantity of honey and warm water. Let the mixture cool down and then, apply as a lotion or an eye bath. Repeat if necessary.

9. Natural Face Cleanser

For a deep facial cleansing, mix honey with oatmeal in 1:1 ratio, and apply it like a face pack. Leave it for 30 minutes until it dries off, and then, wash it off. This helps clear acne and unwanted blemishes as well.

10. Hair Conditioner

To get soft, silky, and beautiful hair, use honey for conditioning. Mix honey with an equal quantity of olive oil, use it on the hair, cover the head with a warm towel, and leave it for 30 minutes. Wash it with shampoo after the honey and olive oil feed into your scalp and hair. You will feel that your hair has gained its best condition.

Honey is also helpful for anemia, acts as a food preservative, helps in osteoporosis, migraine, and blesses people with a longer lifespan. Raw honey might become granulated with time, but that can easily be helped by placing the bottle of honey into a pan of hot water so that it becomes liquid again.