The AKA Digestive Tune Up For Better Digestive Health

The AKA Digestive Tune Up For Better Digestive Health
The AKA Digestive Tune Up For Better Digestive Health

You are what you eat – well, not actually. You’re actually what you digest and absorb. To that end, I always ask my patients to answer the following questions to assess their digestive health (ideally weekly) and depending on their answers they, and you, may need The AKA Digestive Tune-UP.

The AKA Digestive Assessment

1. Are you going: Do you go to numbers 1 and 2 regularly? (fully-formed stools and light yellow or clear urine).

2. Are things going in the right direction internally: Do you feel like your system is slow, or stopped? Are you bloated or are things going the wrong way (i.e. do you have reflux?)

3. Are you getting in your colors: especially green (organic greens, limes) and yellows (lemons) which are known to provide extra digestive aid. Squeeze half a lemon into water and drink it at least once daily.

4. Do you smell as lovely as you are: foul smelling gas, stool or body odor is a sign that

things aren’t optimal digestively, so take note of your smells.

5. Are you hungry or fatigued despite eating regularly: This can mean that the body isn’t getting the nutrients it needs. Are you eating calories but not getting enough nutrients or is your body not optimally absorbing what you are eating?

If you answered ‘no’ to one or more of these you will likely benefit from The AKA Digestive Tune Up [remember if you have ongoing or severe symptoms you need to see your healthcare practitioner to assess what is going on with you as soon as possible].

The AKA Digestive Tune Up

1. Get your system moving better: Whether it’s the addition of magnesium to help encourage mobility of the digestive tract (movement) or physically moving your body – especially your core – we need to get things moving before we put other things in the system. Additionally, the healing power of breathing and laughing can’t be understated. Our bodies need to expel emotions and carbon dioxide as well as get all the

other benefits of regular laughter.

2. Get pre, pro’s, and sym’s…biotics in you: Our digestive tract relies on good bacteria (those are your digestive health “pros”) to dilute the impact of bad bacteria that can and will always find their way into us. But those pros don’t function optimally on their own. If you are already taking an AKA probiotic, or if you consider adding one during your tune up, you also need your pre and Symbiotics. Prebiotics are quality fibers that combined with alkaline forming foods like water with lemon and organic greens to feed and help create an optimal environment for the good bacteria. But there’s more. Symbiotics help to maintain a healthy digestive tract lining – so they work symbiotically with probiotics to maintain a healthy digestive system.

3. Get underwhelmed for optimal digestive health: Eat less and eat better quality food to help your digestive system catch up and function optimally. Just like any of us, our digestive tract can normally handle its regular workload – but if its behind or not feeling on top of its game,

then its best to make things easiest and let it catch up. One way to do this is to revisit The Qualitarian Nutrition Plan to make sure you are choosing better quality ingredients as well as nutrient balance (one serving from each of the four groups – carbs, protein, fat, vegetables) in the right quantities.

4. Get the right fiber, frequently: Fiber is so critical to cleaning out the system as well as helping you feel full so you don’t overeat. However, too much fiber at one time or synthetic chemistry lab project fibers or fibers with those ingredients included are not going to play the same digestive- friendly role. Upgrade your fiber intake with quality fiber-rich foods throughout the day – not just at breakfast and not if it contains fake colors or artificial sweeteners or comes as a candy just to get you to eat it.

5. Get in nutrients easier: You may want to consider this a time to play around with liquid nutrition

– hot purees, smoothies, quality juices etc., as the body requires less digestive work to absorb nutrients in this form, and you can pile in a whole bunch of healing nutrients into a smaller amount of food so you don’t break tip number 3 to meet this tip’s goal. I am a huge fan of the digestive healing power of herbs and spices as well as organic produce and plant proteins. Check out other blogs and my facebook posts for recipe ideas.