The Simplest After-Dinner Ritual There Is To Drop A Few Pounds

Doing passeggiata can help you lose a few pounds.

Weight gain and weight loss has been a popular topic of discussion these days. Keeping a healthy weight is not just a matter of looking good but maintaining a healthy life as well. With weight gain comes numerous issues, from hormonal fluctuations to harmful diseases. Obesity is a serious issue that has been affecting many around the world, and this has given rise to many cardiovascular diseases, has affected digestive health, and has also been found to affect mental and emotional health. This is the reason why there are so many weight loss programs, fancy diets, weight loss techniques, etc. gaining the attention of people all around the world today.

However, when it comes to shedding weight, the Italians are quite good at it. Yes, the country associated with pasta, pizza, and meatballs can actually tell you the secret of staying slim and healthy your entire life. The secret is “passeggiata”. To know more about passeggiata, read on.


What Is Passeggiata?

(Passeggiata is a short, pleasurable walk taken generally after meals.

Passeggiata is nothing but a short, pleasurable walk that many Italians take, generally after meals. During these walks, nobody wears a pedometer or a spandex though. All they do is walk and enjoy the sun on their face, catch up with the neighbors, or just reconnect with the family after dinner and after a long day. This helps them stay slim and lose extra pounds. Surprising, but true!

What Does Research Say?

Passeggiata is a superb plan that helps in retaining the fat cells naturally.)

A recently published book The Fat Cell Solution has talked about passeggiata as a superb plan that helps in retaining the fat cells naturally to shed extra pounds and set the foundation for a journey of weight loss. A study published in the journal Diabetes had taken older adults who were at a risk for diabetes into account and found that just a 15-minute walk thrice a day after meals helped them improve the regulation of blood sugar for the next 24 hours. Taking these several short walks has been found to be as effective as one long 45-minute walk taken during the day. These short walks might also work wonderfully in lowering stress levels as people get into the habit of going away from the desk or the couch every time they go for a walk.

How Does Passeggiata After Dinner Help?

(Passeggiata after dinner lets people reap a lot of benefits from doing it.)

When people do passeggiata after dinner, they are at a position to reap a lot of benefits from it. This is because it is a gentle and physical activity done during the evening, in the fading light of nightfall. Doing passeggiata after a meal during nightfall helps in re-calibrating the body’s natural clock and helps people sleep better. This is because it is a simple way to ease digestion, helps in dampening the surge of insulin after a meal, and also, stimulates metabolism greatly. After doing passeggiata, you won’t even feel like any exercise has been done.

How To Get Started On Passeggiata?

All you need to do to get started on doing a passeggiata is by stopping yourself from switching on the television after dinner. Once you finish your meal, just take a 15-minute walk around your house or in the garden outside. Do not rush; just take a light, gentle walk with your friends or family, talk to them, and feel as relaxed as possible. This will help you soothe the digestive system and also, soothe your mind. After you get used to it, add another walk in the morning, after breakfast and a walk after lunch, sometime in the afternoon. If you have the habit of working out, that’s even better. The outdoor passeggiata will be a complimentary habit added to your normal routine.

It doesn’t matter whether you are obese or fit; introducing passeggiata can help you feel easy, relieved from stress, and just a tad bit happier. It will also work wonders by lowering your blood pressure, clear your thought process, and help you get sound sleep all night.