7 Adverse Health Effects Of Wearing An Incorrect Bra

Wearing the wrong type of bra can cause lymph node blockage

A bra or brassiere is a form-fitting undergarment that is designed to support a woman’s breasts. Bras come in many shapes and sizes to suit the specific requirements of a woman. What started as a basic scientific design has now transformed into a style-statement due to the fashion revolution.

Bras are available in various fabric types and designs, such as lace, underwire, and net, to cater to the growing lingerie industry. The purpose of such stylish bras is to make the women feel and look beautiful. However, selecting the right kind of bra that fits perfectly and serves the purpose is far more important than plain appearance. Hence, women must be aware of the kind of bra that they should wear to prevent adverse health effects. If the bra feels too loose or tight, chances are that you are wearing an incorrect type of bra. Here are the risks, symptoms and health effects of wearing an ill-fitting bra.


Risks Associated With Wearing An Incorrect Bra Type

  • Many skin-related complaints are reported, especially in the under breast area.
  • Scientists are probing if there is a connection between wearing tight bras and breast cancer, but so far, no concrete evidence has been found to link the two.1
  • Body posture can be adversely affected by wearing a bra that’s not your size.

Symptoms Of Wearing Incorrect Bras

  • Women may feel the strain at the rib cage because of the weight. The lower back should support the breasts.
  • The breasts may bulge out from tight bras resulting in a constant adjusting of the bra straps.
  • Inadequate support to the breasts exerts stress in the upper back and may cause a headache.
  • Stomach upset and fatigue also indicates bad back support.
  • Underwired bras provide ample shape, support and lift to the breasts. But, they can also cause breast pain, mastitis, and allergies when the skin comes in contact with the metal wire of old bras.

Adverse Health Effects Of Wearing The Wrong Kind Of Bra

1. Lymph Node Blockage

Wearing the wrong type of bra can cause lymph node blockage

As the lymphatic vessels on the breasts are very thin, they can easily be compressed with continuous pressure arising from tight fitting bras. This can over time close the lymph valves and vessels.


2. Breast Ligament Damage

Wearing the wrong type of bra can cause breast ligament damage

Wearing an incorrect size bra can result in irreversible damage to the breast ligaments, which may cause breast pain and sagging.


3. Neck And Shoulder Pain

An incorrect type of bra can lead to neck and shoulder pain

Bra straps use the shoulders to support the breasts. The straps of tight bras create pressure on the shoulders, which results in severe shoulder and neck pain in some women.


4. Sagging Breasts

An ill-fitting bra can cause the breasts to sag

Wearing a loose bra can permanently ruin the size and shape of the breasts. Loose bras allow the breasts to sag as they fail to lift the breasts. The weight of the breasts combined with the lack of support causes them to sag and lose their natural shape.


5. Skin Problems

Wearing the wrong kind of bra can lead to skin blisters

While a loose bra results in sagging breasts, a very tight bra causes blisters on the skin around the breast. As tight bras also prevent the respiration for the skin, they tend to sweat more.


6. Back Pain

An ill-fitting bra can cause back pain

Some large-breasted women may experience back pain if the bra size is incorrect. Since such bras fail to support the breasts, the weight of the breasts and gravity cause pressure on the chest and may make the women stoop. This causes pain in the lower back and the hip area. Even if the bra is too tight, it can exert pressure on the rib cage resulting in back pain.


7. Breast Pain

An incorrect type of bra can lead to breast pain

Breast pain is by far the most common cause of wearing a wrong size bra. Tight fitting bras lead to discomfort and constrict the breasts. This causes pain in the breasts.

How A Wrong Bra Affects Physical Appearance

Spoils The Breast Shape

Breasts play a vital role in the appearance of a woman. A well-fitting bra can make a woman look younger and healthier. A bra that is too tight may look unappealing and hide the curves of the breast. On the other hand, a loose-fitting bra fails to lift up and support the breast because of which the breasts appear to sag making a woman look old.

Makes Women Stoop

Some large-breasted women may argue that wearing a loose bra gives them more comfort. However, partly because of the lack of support under the breast and partly due to gravity, breasts tend to sag. This not only affects their appearance but also makes them stoop because of the weight. Such women appear a lot older than they actually are and makes them look unhealthy.