5 Practical Advantages Of Moving In With Your Partner

The concept of ‘live-in’ might be a little hard for some old timers to process and some conservatives to graciously accept. From the time our civilized society has come into its being, marriage has been a cornerstone of it. But evolution is a natural process of progression. Societies all around the world have witnessed evolution in terms of governance, empowerment, education and liberation. Things that were not acceptable earlier became so later after it found support in people. Similarly, cohabiting is still not an acceptable way of living in many societies around the world, but it is increasingly becoming popular. New generations of people are accepting this way of life with open arms. There are many reasons why people are going into such living arrangements. There are many pros to this arrangement that people witness when they accept this way of life. Here is a list of advantages of moving in with your partner.

1. High On Happiness

Two people who love each

other and make each other happy tend to be happier when together. Living together surely comes with its set of challenges, but it also comes with an abundance of joy for two people who love each other. A research on cohabitation was recently conducted by sociologist Larry Bumpass of the University of Wisconsin-Madison and human ecologist Kelly Musick of Cornell’s College of Human Ecology. This research reported that live-in couples experience more happiness and higher self-esteem. So, when it comes to happiness, live-in couples scored more over other couples. So, that’s the emotional perk of moving in with your partner.

2. Wider Space Of Personal Growth

Married people would often tell you how marriage took a toll on their personal ambitions and freedom. It is not a hidden secret that marriage comes with a lot of changes in terms of priorities and pursuits. And that is another advantage of cohabitation. It gives a wider space to people to pursue their ambitions without feeling

tied down, but at the same time allows them to enjoy the bliss of togetherness. Married life comes with a lot of familial obligations that need to be respected. But people cohabiting don’t really feel obligated to do anything. Their choices come from personal freedom. So, this is another big advantage of cohabitation.

3. No Unwanted Surprises

Married couples often get a lot of nasty surprises about their partners and their habits after marriage. Some of those nasty habits can be real ‘deal-breakers’. But people who live together eventually find out everything about each other. So, there are no nasty secrets that unfold after marriage for a couple who have lived together before. They know and have seen the worst of their partners and still chose them over others. Now, that is a bond that would be hard to break. Live-in couples would be privy to all the personal habits, bathroom habits, sexual needs of their partners. So, when these couples get married

they know exactly what they are getting into.

4. A Logical Move

Nowadays, young people live alone in expensive cities. So, when they find love and someone they want to be with; they often take the decision of moving in with them. It is a practical as well as an economical decision. The expenses get slashed to half when two people live together. And it comes with a wonderful perk of togetherness and love. It is a move that can bring people together and also save some big bucks.

5. Gearing Up For The Big Game

Living in with your partner can give you a preview of life after marriage, but marriage would definitely be a lot more challenging. Living together is not all hunky dory as it may seem. It means that you have to learn to share your space and chores with each other.

You have to learn to put up with each other’s sullen moods. You have to learn to enjoy the simplicity of everyday living without the gloss. This can be a real experience for two people to learn to love each other while co-existing.

Living together comes with lots of challenges as well as perks. But this is a personal choice that should come from a space of love and logical thinking.