Advantages Of Being An Inherently Anxious Person

Anxiousness can be a difficult thing to deal with. Some people are born with different sensibilities and they have to deal with their anxiousness from a young age. People who are anxious are more in tuned with their ambient environment. They are more sensitive about their surroundings. An anxious person is always aware and sometimes it can get over-whelming for them. They are quick to empathize with other’s pain, grief, happiness and joy. So, it can all get a little too much for them to assimilate. There are a lot of drawbacks to anxiety, but there are some upsides to it as well.

Emotional Upsides Of Being Anxious And Sensitive

Sensitivity and anxiousness go hand in hand as personality traits. And both of these characters are seen more prevalent in people who are introverted. Hence, introverted people who are sensitive and anxious often feel like an outcast in a social setting. But it also gives them an edge over others. The fact that they don’t blend in gives them an opportunity to observe things keenly from the sidelines. Hence, they become the silent spectators who are aware of their happenings without actually being part of the circus. There are a lot of introverts who hate being an outcast and would prefer to be otherwise. But that’s the beauty of this character. To some it is a bane, whereas to others it is a boon.

Being sensitive and in tune with one’s emotions come with its set of challenges. Life can always seem risky to anxious people. They live with a constant sense of awareness of imminent possibilities that can be either good or bad. Sensitivity is a necessary poison for people like these. Their sensitivity makes them aware and sharp, but it can also take a toll on their emotional health sometimes. Sensitivity can give rise to anxiousness. Initially, this anxiousness is generally looked at as an emotional drawback. But a lot of anxious people feel that it is also a tough teacher that can teach many wonderful things in a stern manner.

Anxiety causes many bodily sensations. You can either look at them as discomforts or you can recognize them as intelligent reactions of your body that are trying to tell you something. You can either ignore them as handicaps or you can recognize them as opportunities to find the truth behind them. It is all up to you to take it how you want.

Some Unusual Benefits Of Anxiousness

1. Genuine Friends

People who are constantly dealing with anxiousness tend to get embarrassed often. Their reactions tend to be more genuine. And this genuineness can work in their favor a lot of times as people can oftentimes, reciprocate more to awkward genuineness than fake niceness.

2. Less Numbers Of Injuries

People who are always anxious are so because they always live in the future mode. They are always thinking ahead of their time. This allows them to prepare for their future. So, they are more attentive than others and hence, tend to avoid injuries. A study was conducted and it was found that anxious adults are less likely to get into accidents.

3. Stronger Memory

Anxious people are more likely to be less confident about their memories. Hence, they put in more efforts and are more likely to end up with better memories than their more zen counterparts.

4. Empathy

Anxious people can get anxious about other’s problems as well. This is a bad habit but it comes from a deep place of empathy.

5. Guilt

It doesn’t exactly sound like a benefit but it really is. An anxious person is more likely to feel guilty and it makes them more sensitive about their conduct towards others.

Anxiousness can be an uncomfortable feeling. But if we can get past the discomfort, we can achieve a better perspective of situations and people.