7 Sneaky Ways To Add Water To Your Daily Routine

Water is an elixir of life that our bodies need to function properly. 70% of our bodies consist of only water and we need to continuously replenish that water in our bodies. It plays a huge role in maintaining healthy bodily functions. Water plays a huge role in maintaining the balance in our hormones, blood pressure, metabolism and immunity. Drinking right amount of water can not only preserve good health but can also ward off many unwanted conditions like kidney stones, body heat etc.

Fast moving hectic lives can sometimes take a toll on our habits and routines. This can often lead to not drinking enough water through out the day. This can end up causing dehydration of varying degrees. Dehydration can cause many severe bodily consequences. There are little ways of sneaking water into your daily routine and replenish your water levels.

1. Devour Your Water

 Devour your water

People generally consume 20% of their water from their food. So, you can add more water containing foods into your diet to increase your water consumption. Foods like water melons, cucumbers, tomatoes contain high percentage of water. So, you can binge on such foods to increase your daily water intake.

2. Bring A Twist

Add a twist

Add some zesty lemons to your water to add some twist along with some vitamins and minerals. Lemons are full of vitamin C, potassium and anti-oxidants. Citric acid present in lemon can also aid in digestion. So, add some lime to your water and keep sipping all through the day.

3. Sip On Some Soup

 Sip on some soup

Soup is a wonderful dish that can provide you with water, vitamins and minerals. It is a wonderful way of adding some healthy twist to your diet. It doesn’t only satiate your palate, but it can also quench your internal thirst for water. You can make a soup out of any available kitchen ingredient. Make some chicken broth and throw in your choice of vegetables into it. If you are fighting the flu, this can really help you kick that flu’s butt.

4. Binge On Salty Snacks

Salty snacks

Afternoon can often leave us with a pang of light hunger. You can use this opportunity to binge on some light snacks like salted peanuts, popcorn or walnuts. These salty savories come with good amount of health benefits as well. Nuts are high on protein, fiber and good fats. Walnuts and peanuts contain healthy omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin E. Salty foods can increase your thirst and this can make you go for one extra glass of water. So, snack away for some thirst.

5. Tea Break

Tea break

You can indulge in some tea break and get yourself a healthy cup of green tea. Green tea comes with many health benefits. It contains many healthy groups of compounds like catechins etc. Health benefits of green tea include reducing chances of cancer, inflammatory conditions, heart diseases etc. And green tea contains good amount of water as well. So, when you drink a cup of green tea, you are providing your body with healthy components along with water.

6. Carry Your Water With You

Carry your water

Inculcating this habit will greatly enhance your daily water intake. You can carry your water in a bottle where ever you go. You can carry your water everywhere from when you go for running in the morning to your work. It will help you to keep yourself hydrated all the time. This is a habit that can really help you take a big step towards good health.

7. A Glass Of Water Before Every Meal

 A glass of water

You can take on this new habit. Drink a glass of water before you start your meal. This way you will not overeat and will also keep yourself hydrated which will help you in maintaining your metabolism. This will help you in weight management as well.

So, try out these simple hacks to sneak in more water into your daily routine.