7 Adaptogenic Herbs To Help You Handle Stress Like A Boss

These herbs will help reduce the stress levels in your body to a great extent

Are you feeling run down? Adaptogenic herbs have your back. These plants help you adapt to stress, both physically and mentally. They balance your body’s normal functions so you can face a situation.

Think of them as supportive and nourishing friends. Not every herb is adaptogenic. According to phytotherapy research, a plant only gets the label if it helps you adapt to stress. It should also balance your hormones and be generally safe for most people. Adaptogens aid your sympathetic nervous system, which freaks out during stress. It’s the reason behind high levels of inflammation!


Your immunity also takes a hit, making you more vulnerable to health problems.1 Remember, stress takes a toll on all parts of your body. It leaves you burnt out, irritated, and emotionally taxed. Turn to these adaptogenic herbs when you need an extra hand. Here are some of the adaptogenic herbs you should try out.2

1. Asian Ginseng Boosts Your Energy

You get a boost of energy without the caffeine by consuming Asian ginseng


When you’re in a slump, reach for Asian ginseng. Traditional Chinese medicine has used it to improve energy, stamina, and even immunity. You’ll feel more alive than ever – minus the caffeine! As an added bonus, Asian ginseng also slows down the aging process.3

2. Rhodiola Relieves Fatigue

This herb keeps you active and reduces fatigue


Fatigue is a major symptom of stress and burnout. Kick it to the curb with rhodiola, a flowering plant. A 2009 study found that it has anti-fatigue effects. The herb also improves mental performance and energy while decreasing cortisol, the stress hormone.4

3. Ashwagandha Eases Anxiety

The Indian ginseng reduces your anxiety levels


Stress and anxiety often show up together. However, ashwagandha or as it is also known as Indian ginseng – can ease anxiety by calming the central nervous system. Take it when you’re handling a big project or life change. Worried about neurodegenerative diseases? Ashwagandha will reduce the risk, too.5

4. Holy Basil Enhances Memory

Holy basil enhances your memory


Holy basil, or Tulsi, is perfect for brain fog. It works by reducing depression and anxiety, making way for optimal brain function. No study session is complete without it. If your body has been working hard, this adaptogen will alleviate physical stress as well.6

5. Maca Increases Your Sex Drive

The maca herb spices up your sex life


Stress can even harm your sex life – but not with maca. This natural aphrodisiac helps both men and women!7 In males, it also promotes spermatogenesis, making it useful for fertility problems.8

6. Moringa Reduces Blood Pressure

Moringa plant helps reduce blood pressure


Moringa lowers high blood pressure,9 a normal reaction to stress. This helps prevent the leading cause of death: heart disease.10 After all, stress and heart disease have a strong relationship.11

7. Licorice Root Helps With Digestion

Licorice root aids in digestion

Tummy trouble is a notorious side effect of stress. Sound familiar? Reach for licorice root, an herb that helps digestive problems.12 It’s also been used to treat Crohn’s and ulcerative colitis, two types of inflammatory bowel disease.13

These herbs can be found as teas, powders, capsules, and tinctures. Are you on prescription medication? Check with your doctor first, because adaptogens may interact with drugs.