5 Activities Under 5 Minutes To Help You Lose Weight Faster

We want to lose weight, and fast! Fitness enthusiasts know that there is no such thing as quick weight loss. That said, we can always aim to speed up the process ever so slightly.

While dietary modifications would be needed in tandem, and you should never begin any high-intensity workout without a doctor’s approval, there is no doubt that these are the workouts that give maximum impact. Here are five workouts to try that are quick, highly effective, and show results faster.


1. Burst Training

Burst training is very quick and very intense cardio training

A training routine often lasts up to thirty minutes, but burst training lasts for just a few minutes. It involves doing an aerobic exercise of choice for sixty seconds followed by a low-intensity exercise for sixty seconds. This process is repeated for as many cycles as possible.


The key to getting burst training right is to ensure that in the sixty seconds of highly intense workout, the heart is functioning at least 90% of its maximum capacity.1 This is also what makes the exercise dangerous without supervision. Always practice burst training with a registered and qualified trainer.

2. Lower Limb Exercise

Doing activities like walking or running will help with a sedentary job


Did you know that there is now an epidemic known as the sitting disease? It is responsible for many of us putting on fat so easily, and so stubbornly around your waistline and hips. Our sedentary life has the maximum impact on how we gain and lose weight.

Exercising the lower limb muscles can help tackle this problem. Since the very characteristic of sitting disease is, well, sitting, it is theorized that working the legs can help us lose weight faster.2 Walking, swimming and cycling are some of the exercises you can try. For a five-minute fix, try climbing the stairs instead of using an elevator.


3. Home Workout

Anything from cleaning the house to having sex is a form of exercise

Cleaning your home can be a very simple, fast, and an efficient workout to lose weight. Mopping, washing dishes by hand, ironing your clothes and even having sex is considered exercise! This is why there is no excuse anymore to put off the chores.


While muscles may not be build overnight with these workouts, you can surely expect to trim some inches and lose weight.3

4. Wall Workouts

This workout is good to do at home without any equipment


These workouts are great because they do not need any specific equipment and can be done just about anywhere. Try these out at a work break or after a long day. Stand with your palms on the wall and slowly raise one of your legs as high as possible while bending the knee. Repeat with the other leg. Do this until you feel a faint pull in your abdominal muscles.

Rest for a few seconds and raise your legs backward one after the other. Finally, stand sideways with one palm on the wall and raise your legs sideways as high as you can. This helps with the waist or also more popularly known as the love handles.4


5. Small Changes

Make subtle changes to your daily routine to see results

Lifestyle change is still the single most important factor in losing weight. By this, we do not mean that you should swear off of ice cream for the rest of your life, or that you should work out every single day. In fact, small lifestyle changes can make a big difference.

Don’t think of a diet as something to be followed for a while until you reach the target. Make the diet a more accommodative activity that allows for the occasional slip-ups. Likewise, with exercise, it isn’t important that you swim every day or hit the gym at any cost.

What’s important is what you do when you miss them. For example, you can walk the last mile to work, or eat a bit less on days when you don’t work out. You can consider taking up one or more chores as a daily activity instead of a fixed workout. These small changes will give you lasting results.5

So are you ready to experience the full effects of these easy methods to trim down your body? Don’t hesitate to try these out for yourselves.