5 Ways To Take Care Of Yourself If You Are A Workaholic

tips for workaholics to stay healthy

There are 3 kinds of people in any workplace, those who are plain uninterested, the others who are engaged with work and some pure workaholics. Studies claim that work engagement is a positive aspect of being involved with work. However, workaholism is a compulsive nature where workaholics throw themselves at work relentlessly and keep working despite not liking what they do.1

Workaholics often experience lower life satisfaction and greater work-home imbalance than both engaged and unengaged workers. Studies have proven that they are at a higher risk of developing disabling back pain and mental health issues due to stress.2Amidst crazy working hours that many a time encroach into our personal lives, workaholics can follow the 5 tips below to take good care of themselves without burning out.


1. Plan A Weekly Menu

eat healthy at work and plan ahead

Take time off over the weekend to buy healthy, organic produce that includes fresh fruits, vegetables, proteins and whole grains. Stock them in your fridge or pantry so that you wouldn’t have to worry about eating healthy the whole week. Refrain from buying and storing junk foods as you would be tempted to have them. Cooking in advance and refrigerating healthy dishes is a great way to follow a clean diet. Never skip breakfast, if you can’t, at least start your day with a healthy smoothie. Carry mixed dry fruits or nuts or low-fat yogurt to work so that you can snack away without feeling famished. These will keep you alert and well-nourished all day long.


2. Stay Hydrated At Work

drink lots of water to stay hydrated

Not only would water keep your body hydrated and well-functioning, you would also have to take bathroom breaks from your desk. Sitting for too long is really bad for health so, its’ best to guzzle at least 2-3 liters of water a day. Studies have even proved that people who spend a lot of hours sitting and being physically inactive were at a higher risk of cardiovascular disease.3


3. Get A Potted Plant For Your Desk

potted plants are good for health and mood

Keeping potted plants like aloe vera, money plant, spider plant or any low-maintenance indoor plant is the best way to add some variety to your desk. Studies have proven that people who worked in office spaces with indoor plants were less stressed out and more productive as well as healthy. Every time you feel tired looking at the computer screen, take a break to just look at your potted green plant for a few minutes and you will feel refreshed in no time.4


4. Relax Your Body By Doing Stretches

do stretches at the desk for muscle relaxation

According to long-term studies, sprains and strains are highest recorded occupational injuries for the musculoskeletal system. Every 30-45minutes relax your tense body by warming it up with some stretches. Stretch your neck, arms, shoulders, legs and of course the back. These hassle-free exercises can be done at your desk and don’t require any effort or additional equipment.5


5. Take Mini-Breaks To Unwind

office breaks can help you refresh

Glaring deadlines and targets can keep workaholics constantly on their toes. However, mini work breaks are essential in helping the body and mind rejuvenate. When you are out on a break, catch up on some good conversations or go for a short walk outdoors to feel refreshed or do something that’s not related to work. For many, work-breaks are synonymous with smoke breaks which in the long run can negatively affect health.6


Workplace environments are changing dynamically and thanks to technology, we don’t completely unplug from work even after working hours. The unlimited access of employees to work and vice versa has dissolved the barrier between professional and personal lives. In such scenarios, workplaces should treat their employees as humans instead of machines and employees shouldn’t encourage their personal lives to be derailed by work intrusions.