A Healthy Approach Towards Taking Part In Sports During Menstruation

Menstruation and sports

Menstruation can be quite challenging if you are an athlete. You need to be careful of not stressing your body a lot and you need to get all the nutrients that are lost during blood flow.

Women athletes have a huge advantage over their male counterparts when it comes to injuries related to sports. Regular menstruation is an indicator of a healthy woman. If something is abnormal with your period, it means something isn’t working for you and you need to change the issue immediately to avoid problems in the future. Men, on the other hand, become only aware of such injuries or internal disturbances when its extremely evident and its in a much developed stage. So, rejoice, women!


Does Menstruation Affect Your Performance During Sports?

Menstruation and sports - menstruation doesn't affect performance in sports

The biggest question on everyone’s mind is whether menstruation makes a difference in performance during sports. While the answer could vary from woman to woman, one study claims physical performance isn’t affected by menstruation. In fact, cramps and pain reduced during training and competition.1 But, menstruation differs from woman to woman. Some athletes claim they sometimes feel disoriented and dizzy when they are about to start menstruating.


How Much Is Too Much?

Menstruation and sports it's important to listen to your body

The healthiest level of intensity during menstruation is where you feel most comfortable. It’s important to listen to your body during this time. But there are multiple views about how much do you train or perform during your period.


Ayurveda suggests to perform at a level that’s 50% of your typical capacity. This way your body undergoes physical training, as well as you decrease the risk of injury. It also suggests breathing through your mouth at the end of an exercise, means you have overexerted yourself.

On the other hand, modern sports training believes in pushing people beyond their limits and menstruation is seen as something to overcome. When you constantly push yourself, especially when your body is telling you otherwise, you risk developing amenorrhea (absence of periods) or low bone mass in the future.


An Ayurvedic Diet To Follow During Menstruation

Menstruation and sports Ayurvedic Diet To Follow During Menstruation

For an athlete, a proper and healthy diet can help soothe premenstrual syndrome and menstruation altogether. Modern sports training suggest eating a lot of meat protein to get the necessary nutrients. But, this causes more harm than good. Ayurveda suggests women to follow a planet-based diet a week before and during menstruation. This helps them to increase their iron and calcium intake and promotes a smooth digestion  – a condition perfect to tackle any sports event.


Things To Follow If You Are An Athlete

Menstruation and sports Things To Follow If You Are An Athlete

  • Keep A Menstrual Calendar: Track your period dates – when it starts, ends, and how long it lasts. Note it down if you missed a period.
  • Eat Right: Make sure to follow a healthy diet of protein, fat, and carbs. Stick to your recommended calorie intake.
  • Be Careful About Injuries: If you notice your body starts to ache in a particular way, get it checked immediately. It could be a stress fracture. Also, if you see any abnormalities before or during your periods, make sure to discuss things over with your doctor.

A Note About Medicines To Delay Period

Menstruation and sports Medicines To Delay Periods


Experts suggest sports has a lot to learn about menstruation. Taking pills to delay menstruation is very common in sports. But sometimes, the wrong pill is administered, and this could impact your health.

We know it’s difficult to reduce your training level during menstruation, especially if it falls during a sports event. But, try to listen to your body as much as you can. By listening to your body’s own requirement, you improve the chances of regular menstruation, and this means you have better control over it.