9 Telltale Signs You’re A Health Freak

Staying healthy and fit is not a goal. It’s a lifestyle change and if you’ve embraced the healthy life completely, you just may not be the same person anymore. While you may not notice it, you’re constantly finding ways to stay healthy and have a great time while doing it. Though people around you think you’re missing out on what they consider to be the good life, you know better. Here’s how you can tell if you’ve turned into a complete health freak.

1. Your Favorite Cooking Technique Is Blending



For you, there isn’t an easier ir healthier way to make food than blending it all together. You probably have one of the most powerful blenders available in the market and have at least two smoothies a day. Spinach, flax seeds, nuts, kale, or broccoli, you love to blend it all with some frozen bananas and peanut butter.

2. You Never Skip Gym



Everything else in your life may be optional but not the gym. You love going to the gym because you love how it feels once you have worked your body to a pulp. Whether you’re stressed, tense, happy, or feeling… meh, nothing comes in between you and your workout.

3. Even Your Mood Food Is Healthy



This might sound strange to others but you even your mood food consists of fruits and vegetables. While your friends dig into a bucket of ice cream when they’re feeling low, you’re just crunching carrots or binging on apples. Maybe fat-free flavored yogurt sometimes.

4. Your Fridge Is Filled With Produce



When you’re on the road to fitness, you only want to put the freshest and most healthy food into your body. That means you end up hoarding loads of fresh produce. From fresh greens for your salads to the season’s juiciest fruits, your fridge begins to look like a produce storehouse.

5. Hummus Makes Everything Better For You



No cheesy dips. No mayonnaise. You’ve given it all up for the ultimate dip that hummus is. You’re crazy for hummus and have tried every version you can get your hands on or have invented your own signature hummus at home. And why not? Hummus has protein and several vitamins and minerals. Not to mention it can make even bland raw vegetables taste great.

6. You Can Eat Salads For Every Meal



Anyone who is looking to get healthy knows that salads are a great way to cut calories and get more nutrients and fiber. You know you’re a health nut when you don’t mind having salads for every meal. You probably also have made an emergency go-to list of neighborhood places that serve your favorite salads.

7. You’re Crazy For Kale



Kale is definitely not counted among the tastiest greens. But you just can’t get enough of it. You’re excited every time you comes across a kale salad recipe online and are always finding ways to add kale to your meals. You also have a list of kale salads handy any time you feel like having a snack. Never say no to kale.

8. Your Friends Try To Tempt You


Your friends love you but they never give up testing your resolve to stick to a healthy lifestyle. Whether it’s a bar of chocolate or a cheesy burger, they will try their best to convince you to have it. If you won’t budge, they’ll make sure you know what you’re missing out on. But none of that affects you.

9. You Love Shopping For Groceries


As you become more conscious of your health, it’s only natural to become more conscious of what you’re eating. You don’t trust someone else to pick your ingredients for you. You become a habitual label reader to make sure whatever you buy passes your stringent health standards. Grocery shopping also means you get to know of new health products that you’re always on the look out for.