9 Foods That Will Help You Gain Weight Naturally

Are you skinny and just tired of people asking you to eat more? Or when they feel jealous of you because you don’t gain weight that easily? Besides flaunting the amount, you can eat at buffets or parties, if you secretly want to gain weight without having to drink one of those protein shakes you see almost everyone chugging, add some of these to your diet.

Keep these 9 foods in moderate portions per day, and match them with some adequate cardio. Depending on your body type, they may do the trick to help you bulk up on those skinny bones.

1. Allow In Some Avocado


With an abundance of monounsaturated fats from a plant source, you can whoop this up into a lovely guacamole, and it helps give you the essential fats and protein to gain weight quickly. Eating one avocado a day, of about 100 grams, gives you 160 calories, so why not try it as a smoothie too, blended with some chocolate sauce and a cup of yogurt.

2. Cliché, But Do Go Bananas


Almost the most obvious option on the list, a medium-sized banana contains around 120 calories and is a good source of potassium, helps ease digestion, and is the go-to fruit for even famous tennis players, to get instant energy, without feeling full.

3. Get Nutty


Whether it’s almonds, walnuts, cashew nuts or even peanuts, they are treasure trove of calories with 500-600 of them per 100 grams. Just a palmful a day should give you enough proteins, vitamins, fiber, antioxidants and essential and healthy fats. Want to make it richer? Try getting some almond butter so you get the delicious benefits and mix of two fat-rich sources.

4. Love Those Lentils


Whether it is green grams, rice grams, chickpea lentils, some pulses or more, it is a primary source of protein for vegetarians and has more protein content than any form of meat. Enriched with fiber and carbs, this packs one muscle-building punch and helps balance the healthy fats in your body. A cup of boiled or steamed lentils, carries around 230 calories, it can be cooked as a gravy with turmeric, salt, cayenne pepper powder, with fried onions, scallions, garlic and ginger.

5. Get High On Low-Fat Greek Yogurt


As a creamy, body-cooling and immunity building option for your body, muscles and getting your essential fats, this beats ice creams any day. Rich in protein and calcium, a cup of 0% fat-free Greek yogurt gives you 100 calories. Garnish your yogurt with some berries, chocolate powder and nuts for a delicious breakfast or even dessert before bedtime.

6. Hang Onto That Hung Curd


Hung curd, a dairy milk based type of tofu, also called paneer in Indian cuisine, is known to help you gain weight. Usually cooked as stir-fry’s or in gravies and curries, it is high in protein and essential dairy fats, but is also known to make you feel full faster. But a good 100 grams of it carries 360 calories.

7. Chow Down Some Cheese


Whether it’s on a pizza or in a roll, cheese packs about 400 calories in 100 grams. With a good amount of calcium, rich protein, just crack a few eggs and make an omelet or even eat some as it is as a yummy way to gain weight.

8. Gorge On Some Ghee Or Butter



A teaspoon of ghee (clarified butter) or everyday butter, gives you around 90 calories a day, while 100 grams of it would give you around 900 calories. Applying some on your toast or even lightly sautéing your veggies in them, adds both flavor and healthy fats to your diet. Just don’t overuse it, especially not for daily cooking, as it can also cause unnecessary weight gain.

9. Add A Rush Of Raw Honey


As the one fat-free protein source, this sticky golden gift from nature has tons of antioxidant properties, natural carbohydrate processing qualities, natural sugars for instant energy and a healthy amount of fats for you to bulk on. 100 grams of raw honey packs close to 300 calories, and makes a great drizzle on some chopped bananas and nuts, if you’re sweet tooth is acting up.

Why not mix it up and making some fat and protein charged recipes. You can make them a work-out snack, breakfast or even if you’re craving something in the middle of the day.