8 Reasons Your Partner Should Be There During Childbirth

The idea of a child in the house is delightful. But the actual process of bringing a baby into this world is not such a pleasant one. Ask any woman who has given birth vaginally, and you’ll know what we’re talking about.

Natural childbirth is among the most painful experiences that a woman goes through in her life. And the only way to ease that pain is to provide her with all the support she needs in the labor room. And this is just one of the many reasons why the husband or partner should be in the labor room during childbirth.


1. Help Deal With The Pain

You could rely on painkillers to ease the pain, but they come with risks.

The pain that you go through during childbirth can be excruciating. Labor pain is both physiological and psychological. As the contractions get stronger and the pain becomes severe, all kinds of fears and doubts start creeping into your mind. At

such a time, having your partner right next to you, whispering positive and encouraging words can be helpful.

2. Physical Support

Who better than your husband to hold your hand and help you bear the pain or massage the aching back? Sometimes, active labor can last from 12 to 14 hours for first-time moms. At such times, your partner can help by distracting you from the pain.

From helping you sit or lie down comfortably on the bed and massaging your feet to letting you squeeze his hand to help you bear the pain, you need your partner to give you all the physical support you need in the labor room.

3. Emotional Support To Stay Positive

With the chaos that pain creates in your mind, you can easily lose your focus and start thinking negatively. The unbearable pain can make you fear the birthing process.

Your partner can help you stay positive and keep your mood up in the labor room.

Labor pains are as psychological as they are physiological. If you have a fear of complications during childbirth or

you’ve previously had a bitter experience in labor, the pain can increase. But if you have a positive perspective and believe that you can handle it well, the pain will be significantly less.

4. Breathe Right

If you and your partner have attended prenatal classes, then having him during childbirth can be of great help. Remembering and implementing all that you have learned about the birthing process can be difficult when you are in pain. That is when your partner can remind you to breathe right and to calm down and relax yourself.

5. Communicate On Your Behalf

Your partner is generally the person would know precisely how you want the birthing experience to be.

After your mom and your best friend, it is perhaps your partner who knows you best. Your partner is, in fact, the one person who would’ve been with you through the nine months of your pregnancy. Together, you would have made a birth plan.

When you are in a lot of pain and are unable to think straight, your partner can voice out your concerns

and fears and also make important decisions about you and the baby with a clear head.

6. Understand Your Pain

Being in the labor room with you will enable your partner to be closely involved in the birthing process. While he may not be able to carry the baby or bear the pain for you, he can help you deal with it better.

Getting your partner involved in the process right from the beginning, from attending prenatal classes to holding your hand and breathing in unison with you in the labor room, will give them a sense of purpose in all this. More than anything, they get a better understanding of what women go through when they give birth.

7. Record The Event

In addition to supporting you in the labor room, your partner can also be the one to record the birth on camera for you.

8. Announce The Birth

When you are resting after an exhausting ordeal of bringing your bundle of joy into the world, it is your husband who can reach out to your family and friends

to announce the arrival of your little one.

Remember that it is entirely up to you to decide who goes into the labor room with you.

While most women want their partners in the labor room during childbirth, some opt not to have them. But if you and your partner have been preparing for the big day together, then having him with you as you give birth is just what you need.