8 Tips To Keep Your Mind, Body, And Soul In Check When You Travel

Do you travel a lot? Are you faced with the challenge of keeping your mind, body and soul balanced in the midst of so much uncertainty and change? It’s a bit of bummer. You’re trying to soak an incredible place in, and you’re fighting things like jet lag, disorientation, homesickness, poor digestion. Travel is a positive, life-changing experience but it’s not without its challenges. Here are 8 tips to keep everything in balance when you’re travelling.

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1. Pre-game Before You Go, On The Plane And Arrival


Make sure you get enough sleep and food before your flight. You don’t want start your trip with a bad mindset now, do you? Prepare well for the plane. Bring some herbal tea bags or order a healthy special meal in advance. Get an empty water bottle to fill it up over and over again on the plane. Go for regular walks around the cabin and don’t give up your sleep time to watch the complete Lord of the Rings trilogy all at once. Plan your route to where you’re staying in advance.


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2. Eat All Three Meals And Eat Well



Eating regular meals at regular times throughout the day is an important part of staying grounded and healthy in general. So don’t change this when you travel. Keep your digestion in check by eating regularly. What you eat is also important for the health of my mind, body and soul. Try to eat at healthy restaurants and cafes. Take a water bottle out with you every day.

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3. Take A Class


Look out for local yoga classes. Yoga is so widespread these days you can find it in most cities. If you think yoga is not for you, get creative. Tai chi in the park in Beijing, ballet classes in Paris, capoeira in Rio, salsa class in Barcelona, these sorts of local exercise classes help you combine exploration with feeling good.


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4. Walk Or Ride When You Can



Include some walking or cycling to get around town. This will ensure that you see some things on street level. Walk or cycle off any naughty local delicacies you’ve sampled; you’ll get all your body’s mechanisms moving – mind, body and soul.

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5. Take Time Out For Yourself


Taking some ‘me’ time is essential. You can book a private room in a hostel for a few nights, or just taking a few hours out for yourself. This will ensure you’re your happiest self on your trip. This is especially applicable to introverts!

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6. Call Home


Feeling a little flighty or overwhelmed? Find a comfortable spot and call someone you love. Hearing a familiar voice on the end of the line lifts your mood by increasing endorphin production in the brain, while texting or emailing has no such effect. So just pick up the phone and it will put all things into perspective.

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7. Seek Out Down To Earth, Inspiring Experiences


If you want to return home feeling recharged and inspired, seek out down to earth experiences. Find experiences in nature, or local experiences like markets, small festivals, local eateries. The point is to lift you up with inspiration.

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8. Don’t Do Too Many Things


Don’t fall into the trap of trying to do too many things at once. You’re away to relax so keep it that way. Don’t get too caught up in trying to achieve a crazy bucket list.