8 Things To Eat And Drink After A Junk Food Binge

Each and every one of us would want the occasional cheat from our strict diet regimens. And after all that hard-work taken to resist those calorie-heavy foods, don’t we deserve to just indulge that one junk food craving?

The downside of succumbing to those occasional junk food binges would be dealing with the guilt (or even bloating) after it. Although you’d wish you could turn back the clock and stop your past self from emptying those bags of potato chips or tubs of ice cream, here’s what you can do.

By eating or drinking some of the following healthy foods, you can be certain that those unwanted and unhealthy junk food calories are ushered and cleansed out of your body.

So here’s what you need to keep close, the next time you decide to binge on those junk foods that you said you’d stay away from.

1. Green Tea


Did you wake up in the morning with cookie crumbs stuck on your lips and chin again? Brew a fresh cup of green tea and start sipping. Studies prove that green tea can prevent cell damage caused by junk food. It has also been observed how green tea can prevent food cravings and regulate your blood sugar levels.

2. A Veg Omelet


The combination of egg and vegetables can cancel out many side effects of processed foods and alcohol. The amino acid cysteine present in eggs can dilute the toxins present in alcohol, which can then be flushed out through urine. Vegetables like tomato, cauliflower, and broccoli that are rich in fiber, can help with digestion and keep your heart healthy.

3. Berries With Yogurt


Keep things low key after your junk food binge, so as not to put too much pressure on your digestive system. Open a cup of Greek yogurt and add a few berries to it for a damage-control breakfast. The fiber contained in the berries and the bacteria present in yogurt will help you deal with intestinal inflammations and digestive disorders that follow an eatathon!

4. Water


Yes, water can solve about 80 percent of your health disorders, including the after-effects of a food hogging session. Keeping yourself hydrated is crucial to detox your body from unwanted substances. Water will flush out toxins, prevent flatulence, and facilitate smooth digestion.

5. Peppermint Or Ginger Tea


It is natural to feel stuffy and bloated the morning after a calorie-binge. Try a cup of peppermint or ginger tea to ease your abdominal muscles and clear your digestive tract, preventing stomach cramps and spasms. Additionally, these brews add to your water intake as they don’t contain caffeine.

6. Oatmeal And Fruits


One of the best solutions to tackle a junk food/ alcohol hangover is a bowl of oatmeal topped with some fruit. Abundant in fiber and antioxidants, this combination will detox your system and help soothe your digestive system. Pears are the best choice to top off your oatmeal as they are rich in crude fiber that can keep your heart healthy.

7. Fruits With High Water Content


Watermelon, grapefruit, peaches, raspberries, all of them are ideal to treat a stuffed-up stomach. They will make sure your body is hydrated and supply you with necessary nutrients and vitamins. The fiber in these fruits will also help with the digestion process. But make sure you stay away from citrus fruits like oranges and lemons as they can induce acidity.

8. Bananas


If you are really hung up on booze, then your body will be dehydrated and low on essential nutrients like magnesium and potassium. These minerals are primarily found in bananas, potatoes, and coconut water. Consuming a banana in the morning will help revive your body. Also, the minerals in the banana will prevent many side effects of overeating like bloating.