8 Signs That Show You’re Becoming Depressed

Depression is not merely a mental condition- it is a serious illness that can break even the strongest of human beings. It is an illness that spares no one- doesn’t matter whether you are healthy or sickly, old or young, a success or a failure, rich or poor! About 350 million people suffer from depression worldwide, making it a leading mental disability. Though it’s a tough battle to fight, depression can be treated efficiently if you can recognize it symptoms in advance.

1. You Lose Interest In Things You Once Used To Love


This is one of the initial signs of depression. You start to lose interest in everything you once used to enjoy. The places you loved, foods that made you drool, people you loved to hang out with, all seem boring and intimidating all of a sudden.

2. You Suddenly Lose Appetite Or Start To Overeat


Food habits change drastically when depression hits you. An unexpected loss or gain in your weight could mean that you are in the shadow of depression. If you suddenly start to lose interest in food or begin to overeat, it should be a cause of alarm, particularly if you have a history of depression in your family.

3. You Are Unable To Sleep


Insomnia is one of the major signs of depression. About 80 percent of adults who suffer from depression are also the victims of insomnia. Also, patients who suffer from insomnia are at the increased risk of slipping into depression than the ones who can sleep properly. If you are constantly experiencing insomnia for a course of weeks or months, it is advised that you seek professional help.

4. You Are Constantly Tired


Lack of energy is something people with depression constantly battle with. This is caused due to a number of factors associated with depression like an imbalanced diet, lack of sleep, and the persistent feeling of hopelessness. All of these can exhaust your mind, making you feel tired and restricted to your bed for days and weeks in a row.

5. You Suffer From Headaches And Digestive Disorders


In many cases, migraines and depression go hand-in-hand. Experts point out that depression and migraines are triggered from a common point in the brain, thus suffering from one could always usher in the other. Headaches could also be the result of insomnia or an unhealthy diet. Apart from this, you could also suffer from numerous digestive disorders as your brain and tummy are connected by the vagus nerve.

6. You Want To Be Alone


Depression makes you a slave of solitude. You feel trapped in a world unknown to you and being around friends or family becomes unbearable. Socializing will be the last thing any depressed person would want to do. This is because depression breaks your spirit and makes you feel like no one can connect with you. Wanting to be alone once in awhile is normal. But if you keep getting the feeling that you would rather be alone all the time, do seek some expert advice.

7. You Are Unable To Focus


Depression can really mess up your thinking process. The lack of sleep, unhealthy sleeping habits, and fatigue will make you feel like you are constantly enveloped a fog. Tuning in and out of conversations is another symptom associated with depression. Studies prove that patients who suffer from depression are unable to take in and process information quickly, thus making them appear absentminded or confused all the time.

8. You Feel Sad Constantly


Do you always feel sad for no particular reason? Do you tear up for silliest of reasons and obsess over all the mistakes in your past? People who suffer from depression are often sucked into a black hole of negativity, coming out of which would seem almost impossible. Learning to deal with your negative thoughts could be one hell of a challenge. But with proper therapy, exposure to positive thoughts, a balanced diet, and meditation, you can surely beat depression.